I Remove Defeat From My Vocabulary

Last Update: February 14, 2018

I must say, Happy Valentine to each and every one of you here at WA!

Now I get that out of the way!

Let me give a quick run down about my progress.

I started feeling defeated the last couple of days but I know it all in my mind. Let me tell you, your mind can be very dangerous at sometime. When I started my SWA training I was all pump up and ready to go with the website I was already building. The first obstacle I encountered was I could not do the training with my fashion site and had to create a new website.

Creating the new website was not an issue, but issue is having to manage two website in the early development stage where by both website are totally different niches.

The pondering Stage

How can I develop these two website at the same time and stay on track with my SWA training and all the other project I am engaged with. I started getting angry and turning green, or so I thought, not with myself but at my two sites that is staring at me. This is a good spot to "Laugh Out Loud" come on now laugh with me I deserve the laugh.

Low and behold my Peeps DEFEAT mode start kicking and then I had an A-HA moment telling my mind "Thank You For Sharing" "Thank You For Sharing" you are not in control or the boss of me, as my grandson will say to me. I then did a self evaluation test check to see if I am still Creative, Resourceful and Whole.

Putting The Term CRW in To Action

Am I Creative, "YES" I am. I am a designer for heaven sake, I've coming up with all kinds of creative designs for yours and for difficult people.

Am I Resourceful ding, ding, ding, Yes I am. I am a supervisor for all three shifts with the company I work for, which, challenges presents itself every God given day very with little resources to work with. Did I mention I am always on call, Mmmmm.

Am I Whole, Yes I am, but Defeat try to make me believe otherwise. So,I had to pull up and post Albert Einstein's very popular quote where I can see it and read it as needed.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Opportunities Vs. Obstacles

Definition of obstacle: a thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress.

I saw only the obstacles I was facing that was keeping me from progressing and building my two websites. I was focus on the all the negatives and was to farsighted to see all what I've done and where am heading.

Definition of Opportunities: a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

Peeps, I come to the realization that I am so, SO farsighted, that I am not seeing all the progress I am making that is opening doors of all kinds of opportunities for me to proceed in building my two website.

Not to mention all the training that WA has take time to create in a step by step formula so anyone can achieves their goals and take their business to the next level.

So tell me again, Why was I feeling Defeated At this point I don't have a clue!

Victory At It's Best, Over Defeat

So what is defeat?

"It is nothing but Education. Nothing but the first step to something better" by Wendell Phillips.

I realize I felt defeated only because I was way, way out of me comfort zone in no where man's land trying something new with no kind knowledge, the education or experience to back me up or have as a crutch.

So What Did I Do

I Went to my big old mirror, look at myself in the mirror and had a conversation with the person staring right back at me and had these few words that person.

  • I create my life.
  • My inner world creates my outer world.
  • I am creative Resourceful and Whole.
  • I am the boss of me.
  • I think big.
  • I create the exact level of my success.
  • And I have not room and tolerance for failure and defeat.

Sweet Victory, Defeat just get knock out again!

I am out as well I have lots of work ahead of me building my two website site.

Wish me lots and lots of luck, I will need it.

Love and laughter


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TRPEng Premium
That’s great. All the best to you. Very motivational
DClarke1 Premium
Thanks, Trevor.

MichalB Premium
Great one.
Such thoughts I must see, like .. 100 times a day.


I keep asking myself, why in most cases people tend to think that they can NOT do.
I am in that group as well. And I do read lots of stuff (books, articles) and also have been reading and watching many inspiration videos regarding the "technology" of the brain, of how to get into a state where you do not see obstacles, only opportunities.
But it has tendency to disappear very quickly.

While reading, I look for a breakthrough point, where I will say to myself: "That is it!.
I am no longer willing to live the life I used to"

Somehow still can not find it. I guess, the brain is really like muscle. It needs training every day - therefore everyday we need to remind ourselves of what Debbie just wrote about.

Well, at least I have to ;)

Thank you Debbie.