One step forward & One step back

Last Update: January 14, 2019

Well it is hard to believe that after being here at WA for more than a year this is only my second blog post. sob sob

I feel I am taking one step forward & one back. The WA community - no I mean family, provide endless support & encouragement to all without question.

I sometimes can't see the forest for the trees. LOL

Not progressing anywhere near how I should be, & still partly through lesson 2. However I will not skip a lesson & am determined to work through to complete the 5 lessons & of course continue on to more training. I frequently go back to revise sections so I can correctly absorb all there is to learn.

One thing for sure, I am NOT a quitter & will persevere. I see 2019 as the year for me to achieve my goals & remain motivated & confident - failure is not a word in my vocabulary.

I still have a personal issue, which takes my mind away from action here at WA. Hopefully this will be sorted out in the not too distant future.

If I am missing for a day or so, the messages from the WA family seem never ending. I do check them all & bookmark the training for follow up. Even the task of writing this blog is not straight forward for me - however with practice I am determined to make a contribution & eventually assist others here as they have done for me.

Sorry if I have waffled on - but I hope you can see where I am.



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Israel17 Premium
I like the statement "Failure is not a word in my vocabulary". With your mindset, I'm quite sure you won't quit until you win the blogging battle.
DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Israel

Yes - I do not intend to fail - I will rework my methods & procedures, all the time following the lessons & support by the community.

I have bookmarked your training, so I can refer back to it when I am at the appropriate stage of the WA training.

JKulk1 Premium
Hi Denis. I broke my goals down to small steps. Instead of worrying about how many blogs I have written I decided to concentrate on words. I set myself a goal if 300 words a day for 2019, so far I have passed this. Maybe you could look at something similiar. Maybe for starters you could try for 50 words a day and , as you get more confident, you could increase this. Even at 50 a day it would equate to around 18000 a year. If the average blog is around 1800 words, this would add up to 10 blogs. All the best . Jim
DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Jim

Yes agree - small steps are the way for me to go.
I am sure I will increase the daily words as I become more proficient at posting.
My niche being - travel & photography I can envisage words will flow a lot easier for me.

KenShaddock Premium
That was a great share Denis. Thank you.
Just thought to help a little with the issue you have that "takes you away". I guess it sounds like it physically takes you away.
But if only mentally distracting we can win over those with focus and balance. Your goal then is to serve all your commitments with positive enthusiasm.
The distractions, and we all have them I reckon, are part of our life building steps. They teach us. Almost like part of the design.
Gratitude for all addresses that.
Hope this helps a bit Denis.
Have a wonderful 2019.
DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Ken

I greatly appreciate your comments.
Sometimes it is just concentration, & at other times it is being removed away from my daily routine.

I will stay positive, & it is responses like yours which add some suggestions that will really help me.

RoseAnn1234 Premium
Wishing you a successful 2019. I hope that your third blog post will be a success post.
DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Rosie
My third blog - I just have to DO it .

AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi, Denis, the great thing about being here in WA is that it is our journey and so our rules.

Just go with your natural flow, the good thing is that you are looking out to 2019, just do what you can a little each day can make a huge difference.

Just a tip from what you have written go here.

scroll down to ;

email notifications settings.

Perhaps tweak your settings so you only get emails that are of interest or even turn them off.

Whatever works best for you, the important thing is to work on the training and creating your website that is what creates change moving forward.

Al the best and I hope you get those personal issues sorted.

DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Alex
Your comments greatly appreciated.

I have tweaked my settings so should reduce the emails received.
I have been having problems with images on my website not aligning correctly - I plan to have this corrected very soon so I can move forward.