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November 01, 2019
I had to step away from this wonderful family here at WA due to personal issues. Unfortunately, these issues seem to interrupt my goals way to often, to achieving & developing my action with my travel website & interacting with my WA family.. I was absent for about ten days, & on my return I checked my emails at WA to find I had 350 blogs from my to view & respond to or act upon training. I always like to view & comment, where possible & appropriat
I am having problems with photos & images not staying where I want them on my Nisarg theme post. They are OK until I preview them & both text & images move around & are a mess. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks
I see a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a slow journey for me here at WA & often it feels like one step foward & two back.I have finally completed level 2 OEC hip hip hooray !! I will not proceed forward until I have thoroughly learnt each lesson & gone back & revised where required..... Onwards & Upwards.I admire newer members who can move through OEC & also in some cases Bootcamp training - well done to all. I received an email from Kyle & Carson
June 30, 2019
I am trying to come out of the dark forest LOL Recently I had problems with site content - somehow it just would not work for me. The wonderful community here pointed me in the right direction - thank you all. I wrote a post in site content & posted it to my siterubix site to be sure all was OK- Gr eat I finally achieved it.!!! I was overwhelmed when the blog wa
Thank you to all WA's here In my own situation, I have the Vision & try to make the goals & WORK. I am over the Procrastination "block" & I will not quit!!! Moving ever so slowly to develop my dream & be successful. Unfortunately, I have a serious personal problem, which is taking my time & concentration away from WA. This commenced in June 2018 & it may not have a conclusion before June 2019. Resulting from my absence from my computer for several days, I return to pages
Well it is hard to believe that after being here at WA for more than a year this is only my second blog post. sob sob I feel I am taking one step forward & one back. The WA community - no I mean family, provide endless support & encouragement to all without question. I sometimes can't see the forest for the trees. LOL Not progressing anywhere near how I should be, & still part
Life in Bangkok is full of interesting places & the culture is so different to my home country Australia. I love going into the city & visit the many shopping complexes where I can buy a very economical cost meal or a Lamborgini car There is alsways something new to explore