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Dang! I meant to say comments!! Oh well, I guess either is suffcient. There was this comedy-drama movie I saw years ago with some conceited model-like, wealthy woman (no connection with WA) who thought she was the Gift. At some event where she was speaking she finished and said, "Now, I open the floor for compliments!" (She meant about her beauty) Obviously, that was a play on words as normally one would say, "I now open the floor for comments", meaning anything legit, good or bad. Sometimes I
May 15, 2020
There is a merchant, or actually a manufacturer, that I've liked even before getting back into the online marketing world. They happen to develop and market products that are the main component of the niche of one of my sites. However, I couldn't get approved with them as a publisher and I wasn't sure why. Usually, if a merchant declines my request to be a publisher, I basically say (in my head) "screw you" and move on. Hopefully you catch my tone and know I'm just being jovial. I'm never offen
It really wasn't a tough decision switching to the yearly membership. I know that committing to the annual fee will help keep me committed to get the most out of my investment. It's sowing into my future. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do so, but if you ARE able, the one-year investment may be just what you need to remove the distraction of a monthly membership fee and to keep your head in the game. And with the discount still in place for a few more days, it just makes sense!!
At this point I hoped to be a bit further along than I am, but as I reflect back on the reasons for the delays, I'm good with it. Although we have excellent, step-by-step training that we would all do well to follow as closely as possible, each of us learn a little differently from each other. We also vary in how we go about building a business, or how we structure our daily workflow, or how we function in general. Then there's our niche, our current knowledge base, or what we have to binge lea
We've all said to someone whose requested something of us, "I don't have time". We end with a sigh as if it's out of our control, but in reality, we all have 24 hours every day, the same amount for each of us. Some of our time we spend eating, sleeping, working, Facetiming, wasting, and many other things that our unique lives require. But a lot of our time is spent on things that may not be productive, just things we choose to do. If we have financial goals and we're stressed trying to meet the
At any point we could be moving backwards, sitting still, moving forward or dashing forward at lightening speed. Typically, I move forward with things fairly quickly, especially when it is something I'm very interested in accomplishing like my work at WA. I would usually be in the "dashing forward at lightening speed" category. However, since I've joined WA, I would consider myself in the "moving forward" category, which to me is slow motion. However, I don't see moving slowly as a negative thi