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Last Update: May 15, 2020

There is a merchant, or actually a manufacturer, that I've liked even before getting back into the online marketing world. They happen to develop and market products that are the main component of the niche of one of my sites. However, I couldn't get approved with them as a publisher and I wasn't sure why.

Usually, if a merchant declines my request to be a publisher, I basically say (in my head) "screw you" and move on. Hopefully you catch my tone and know I'm just being jovial. I'm never offended by anything really, and would never say anything offensive like that. It's just a lighthearted way to laugh in my crazy head 😳 and move on, especially when I know I'm going to bring value and/traffic to their websites.

So, when you are passionate about a particular product or company and you know you will be an asset to them, and they pass on your request, you feel like an awkward teenager being turned down when asking someone to the prom. (Well, maybe not quite that bad) It only feels that way IMO when it's a company and product you really believe in.

Come on, we've all (or most of us anyway) selected merchants because of a high commission or other perks without being passionate about their products or services. Those kind can deny us all day long, right? And that's where the "screw you" attitude comes in while we laugh lightheartedly and move on. I promise there's a point to this (I think)!

Years ago a friend of mine went into a restaurant and sat at the bar to order lunch. As it turned out, the person sitting to her left was her favorite artist ever! He's a legend within Americana. Trying to not be too obvious with being star struck, she didn't say anything at first. But she couldn't keep from saying something. Finally, she broke the ice and introduced herself.

Now, I don't remember exactly what she told me she had said, but I distinctly remember the feelings she expressed to me. As she politely greeted her music idol, she felt snubbed! This artist has made a fortune off of people like my friend, but it was too inconvenient for him just to smile and be grateful to one of the people that gave him his place in history.

Well, that's kinda how I felt when this merchant snubbed me, a fan! See, it's people like us, especially when we believe in a product, who make it happen for merchants (Amazon beware!!). It's supposed to be a symbiotic relationship where both you and the merchant benefit from the relationship.

So, I asked her to prom again.... she accepted! This was my third time to request a relationship with this merchant, if I remember correctly. It was then that I realized their reason for denying me wasn't anything to do with me, but issues within their staffing during this Covid-19 time. That was several weeks ago.

After posting my first article highlighting this manufacturer, I immediately started getting hits beyond what I expected. When I log into the affiliate platform they use, in the top right corner I see my earnings from this first post (they're the only merchant I use from this particular platform) and it reminds me how we should go after who or what we are passionate about. I know we are all aware that we don't have to be passionate about every niche or product we promote, but when we are passionate about one, let that work to our advantage!

I'm glad I didn't give up on this company! If you know you can send quality traffic to a merchant, don't take "no" for an answer!!! Kick the door In!!

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zydegeaux Premium
Other than Clickbank where I have had an account for a long time the first affiliate network I applied to was Share-A-Sale. They denied my application. I wondered why wouldn't they want me to sell their products? Even if I'm not their top seller they make something if I sell something.

I emailed back and asked why I wasn't approved. Then I was offended when they didn't even take the time to answer me back.
skmorrow Premium
I am shocked at how unresponsive some affiliate managers are. That's been my experience anyway. Probably because I am a small fish.
Isaiah14 Premium
Well said, Darrin!
Stanleycmng Premium
That’s great. Took a longer route to get there but it was worthwhile since you probably represent the product best.
Dbrums Premium
It's was worth the effort! :)
Stanleycmng Premium
daystarmm Premium
Well said, well excellent reminder! Thanks.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Yes sir! Whatever it takes.