Progress IS Progress, Even If It's Slow Motion

Last Update: April 26, 2020

At any point we could be moving backwards, sitting still, moving forward or dashing forward at lightening speed. Typically, I move forward with things fairly quickly, especially when it is something I'm very interested in accomplishing like my work at WA. I would usually be in the "dashing forward at lightening speed" category. However, since I've joined WA, I would consider myself in the "moving forward" category, which to me is slow motion. However, I don't see moving slowly as a negative thing, especially considering the reasons for not moving more quickly. In fact, moving forward any at all is moving forward, and that is progress.

Currently, I help take care of my elderly mother and a sister who has a chronic medical condition. I'm grateful to be available to do that. I also have many other family and occupational "irons in the fire" as most of us do. These things are iterated, not as an excuse for me, but for the peace of mind for any others who find themselves swamped with life and work outside of WA, and at times unable to make very much progress. Just keep moving a little at a time, and that's all it takes to eventually break through. Of course, if you're able to go faster, by all means do so whenever you can.

In the recent week or two, I've been able to research a bit more. I've been able to refresh myself with some of the principles that are key to understanding the affiliate marketing workflow, the technical aspects of creating effective websites, and some strategies for monetizing those sites.

Although I'm far from having arrived, I feel as though I'm rapidly on my way (not that we ever really arrive; it's as much about the journey as the destination). I'm on the cusp of the breakthrough and I sense that the next few months will show great financial evidence of the work that has been put forth thus far.

I hope that you are encouraged no matter how slowly you may be moving, or even if you feel as if you're moving backwards. At worst you may be stagnant and stuck. That's different than moving backwards. Just take one step today. If you feel up to it after that, take another. If not, take another tomorrow, and so on. All of those accomplishments add up, and you'll start feeling the momentum that will motivate you to do more and more. Next thing you know, you have 10 profitable websites that are on auto-pilot, or close to it.

Be encouraged!

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Debbi26 Premium
It's not about how fast you move. The fact that you have your priorities in the right place AND moving forward are commendable.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Darrin, I move EXTREMELY slow!
JohaneG Premium
Focus, Determination, and Consistency are vital in progressing.
WilsonP Premium
Hi Darrin, Great post, I agree with all that you have said. I have just been working at my own pace since I started and as far as I am concerned that's progress. It's good to a part of WA.

Mick18 Premium
Consistency is the main thing. Keep moving forward at your own pace.
Happy Sunday,