Keeping On Track And Following Through

Last Update: May 08, 2018

Today I want to talk about Keeping on Track and following itthrough. Many times, we get caught up in so many different things we lose trackof what we need to do. When you lose track of your goals for the day they donot get completed and if you have made a schedule for yourself it can throw youoff.

I have a big picture of what I want to accomplish in thefuture but know there are several milestones in order to get there. Takingsmall steps at a time does not seem so important but each step you take get youcloser to success. It is so important to create a plan of execution to stay ontask, check it often and stay on plan.

To break everything down you need to first start with themain goal for your future and see what it is that you are really going afterand what success may look like for you. In my case I want to retire early andbecome a stay at home dog mom. Now to determine how you will get there andconsidering we are all here at Wealthy Affiliate I would say our goal is tocreate a successful business online. How do you do that? This is where knowingwhat you are focusing on comes into play, the big picture,

The Big Picture

Do you know what your big picture is, what you want toaccomplish in the future? Sometimes it is difficult to figure this out so youmay have to do some brainstorming, maybe talk it over with a supportive friendor family member. What you decide for your future is up to you and how you wantto execute it depends on how you plan to accomplish your future goals.

The Execution

To start with the execution to make your big picture areality, you begin with baby steps. With each step you take you are gettingcloser to your goal. Decide how long you need to get to your goal, make sureyou are realistic and don’t set yourself up for failure.

You can have many goals or milestones within that goal. Anexample maybe I want to have traffic on my site within a couple months. Ofcourse, these types of things don’t just happen you need to work for it. Thisis where the baby steps come in. Within the milestone you will have todetermine how to get to that goal such as working with social media to drivethe traffic, writing for SEO, handing out business cards at local eventswhatever you decide you want to do to drive the traffic. Determine how long youhave each day and then break up the steps you might work on each day again keepit realistic.

Just like creating an outline or a hierarchy your main goalis at the top, then succeeded with many different milestones that are made upof tasks to make the plan a reality. Each day depending on how long you chooseto work on your plan, create a plan of action and conquer the baby steps to getyou closer to the big picture or your goal.

Distractions Can Hurt Productivity

Depending on what time frames you have allowed to work onyour steps to accomplish you goals for the day, if it is a small window of timeand many items on the list a distraction can completely sabotage yourproduction for the day throwing you behind. Stick with what you say you will doand accomplish your tasks each day. If you get behind, know that you willeither have to work harder or that your goal will not be achieved in theallotted time frame. If you get too far behind you may want to consider movingout your big picture goal for a later date.

Keeping on track and following through each step of the waywill become success. Thanks and have a great day.


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heljam404A Premium
Enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for the share.
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
great blog these are very issues I have been dealing with. I am slowly but surely getting back on track. Thank you for writing such a motivating blog
dbriley Premium
I have these issues to at times and sometimes life just interferes, but it is always best when you create your plan to figure in some bumps in the road.
SDeMerchant Premium
Thanks for writing! It’s a good reminder to keep the big picture in mind and to stay focused.
dbriley Premium
I know many people have problems staying focused and think, oh I can do that tomorrow. When we do this too often then tomorrow never comes.
MargeCramer Premium
Great post. thanks for sharing it.