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I wanted to wish all the mothers here at WA a Happy Mother's Day. Share this time with your family and enjoy the day.
May 11, 2018
Yes it is a wonderful day! The more I taste the success of having my own business online the harder I seem to work to get to my goals. I really enjoy the flexibility and the freedom of working online. I love the thought of making my own hours, loving life and spending time with family.Of course on a down beat I had to take vacation due to still working for the other guy. I am so ready to make this happen and taking this trip makes me want to push even harder, I see what life can really be like
Not a very pretty picture I know. The question is how do you fix it?If you send one of my Posts to Facebook it works fine but this happens when sending my home page URL.While trying all my options I came across the Open Graph Object Debugger under Facebook Developers and this is what I found.Maybe these other pics will help a bit more: I only pulled out the information in the report for the photo.Ok so what I have tried:On my home page edit page of my webite at the bottom I went to Social Setti
Today I want to talk about Keeping on Track and following itthrough. Many times, we get caught up in so many different things we lose trackof what we need to do. When you lose track of your goals for the day they donot get completed and if you have made a schedule for yourself it can throw youoff. I have a big picture of what I want to accomplish in thefuture but know there are several milestones in order to get there. Takingsmall steps at a time does not seem so important but each step you tak
May 06, 2018
Wow is all I can say at this moment. I have accomplished a ton this weekend but have to say I am one tired puppy. In my previous post I had tried to create a static home page but had several issues with the theme and realized the theme could not do what I wanted it to. I have had quite a learning experience this weekend as I decided I would just try a different theme one I have a little bit of experience in as I built a website for my husband that he maintains using this theme so I was thinking
Thought I would check in as I know I have not been in the community too much in the last few days and thought I would give you a run down on my festivities. Here is how my day went last Wednesday. The day started out as any other day I went to work came home and decided to work on my website then being my courages self decided to do a complete overhaul on my website. What am I getting myself into?Here I am two months into Wealthy Affiliate training and creating my business online and feel I am
April 18, 2018
I was all excited because my new laptop finally came in, now I am not so excited. I have been all day trying to get it up and running, now I have to figure out how to work it. My biggest problem I am finding is my old computer was running Windows 7. Yes, it is several years old and runs so slow with everything I am trying to do now. Hense the need for new.Now I am finding myself in a learning curve and the applications, especially my email does not work as I think it should (I know it is just m
April 13, 2018
I read something here the other day, of course don't remember where, that when we put our keywords in our articles that they should be bolded to help with ranking. What are your thoughts on this should we do this? I appreciate you help on this.ThanksDena
I just found an awesome keywork and hoping it works, according to Jaaxy it has almost 5000 visitors a month and only 15 competition so I am hoping this really takes off. Now just hoping my page gets ranked in google quickly as the blog I wrote for this keywork is already monetized and ready to go. I am thinking this is such a good find. I am curious does this happen often I almost did not even look at it as I figured it would be far from low hanging fruit, so glad I did, and wanted to share wit
This is my first blog as I have been so busy working on the training and website I forgot to let everyone know how I was doing. I think I am doing great and I am so excited! I have been in WA now for about 2 weeeks and love the community. The training has been wonderful and I have learned so much already. I have managed to create my website and have already put together a few posts, still learning along the way. I like that you can go back and watch the training again if you forget something, I
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