I'm now a 4 figure earner!

Last Update: June 02, 2020

Hi everyone, this is going to be a short post...

I am usually not a person who shares his financial results here. It's just a matter of personal privacy.

However, I wanted to show everyone (especially the new members) that it can be done!!!

Even if you only work part-time (a few hours per day) at this as I am.

I am still working my full time job, and I am building my online business to supplement my retirement which will come as soon as I can. (No fixed date yet - I will retire when my online business will be enough to bring my pension up to the same level as my current salary)

My last transfer from Wealthy Affiliate brought my total over $1,000 (Canadian dollars), which is a first for me!

I did it in a few months, so I am cheating when I say I am a 4 figure earner.

Plus the fact that it's not US Dollars (I have the advantage of having a 35% difference in currency), but it's still a good thing and a first for me!

Following the training and "Persistence" is the method that has brought me here!

It's the key to success! The lesson here is don't quit and keep pushing forward, it WILL happen!

Have a great day everyone!


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SophieKim Premium
Hi Denis,
Just saw your post and I'd like to thank you for sharing. It inspires all of us and to prove that it can be done through persistence. I am glad that it is happening for you already. Can't wait for the rest of us to experience the same happening. Keep persisting and hope you will give us an update when you reached your desired goal. More good wishes to you!

etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Denis,

That's awesome; you've come a long way for such a significant milestone. Your short post is inspiring and motivating for others, such as myself. Especially for new people (even myself), we need this message hammered to us over and over again.

It sure is great news to hear about- thanks for sharing. Kudos to you and all the best moving forward.

imelda77 Premium
Completely agree Denis,

Keep going strong
JosonInc Premium
Love this kinds of posts! Congratulations Denis! I suppose you are one of the few who are doing it right.

You say, never give up, follow the training, be persistent or don't quit. I see that on your follow it on page, you have your social media links but no website link advertised which is of course your choice. Must be a trade secret. ; )

So for you it has taken around 4 years plus or minus. If you truly have found the path to the gold nuggets and it is not a fluke, then you are on your way to more of the same or bigger.

My goal is to be able to find the path and let the world know what I found. It is probably not shared by many as it may be counter-productive to their businesses.

Again, it is a job well done! Thanks for sharing the great news of your success!

DBlanchard Premium
Hi Joe,
The main reason (my trade secret) I only have social media links on my profile is because of stats.

I want my Google Analytics to be organic traffic and not from direct links from WA which falsifies data. I know it's a weird answer, but I found that this way I get real data as to where my traffic comes and goes.

As far as time yes I have been here for over 4 years but I started my MMO website in January 2018 with the first round of the Super Affiliate Challenge... My first website still exists but it's dormant for now.

Part-time don't forget that part. I only put in a few hours per day (when I can) so it's the main reason that it took me that long to get where I am today.

If you compare my results with some Super Affiliates, they make in a day what I make in a month so I'm still a long way from Vegas. But it's every small step that counts. It builds up and all of a sudden things start to move. I have quadrupled my March 2020 results in May 2020...So things are really moving upwards!

Keep pushing and you will get there.🙂
JosonInc Premium
"I want my Google Analytics to be organic traffic and not from direct links from WA which falsifies data."

Did you mean you want your traffic solely from your content apart from or NOT from responses to ads that we could pull from Amazon or other affiliate companies?

Your comments on SAC also showed me that I have not heard much about it until I searched for other posts on the subject. I found out why. It requires a pre requisite of 300 referrals made by members before getting qualified. How the heck did I not see this before? ha ha ha.

Anyway I appreciate your feedback.

Thanks Denis!

DBlanchard Premium
I think you misunderstood.

The Super Affiliate Challenge does not require 300 premium referrals, it's purpose is to get 300 premium referrals in a year and get a paid trip to vegas (That airplane on the top menu).

The super affiliate challenge was (Still is actually, and I believe that there is a 2020 version) intensive training by Kyle and it was a "supplement" to the Bootcamp training.

You can access it here: Anyone can do it as long as you are a premium member.

As far as my reasoning for my website not being on my profile, what I mean is that I don't want people from WA going to my website just by curiosity and bringing my traffic up when the real purpose of my website is to get them to subscribe...

So by getting that "extra traffic" that has no chance of converting(since they're already a member), it is in a sense, falsifying my data and my conversion rate does not reflect the reality because of this. There are over 1 million members here so it can add up pretty quickly!

Therefore, yes, I want my traffic solely from my content or by my own doing, not by someone just visiting from a link provided here... I have experienced some real spikes in my traffic back in 2018 that ended up just being traffic from here so since then I just provide social media links.

I hope that this will clarify what I meant in my first reply 🙂

To our success!

WaltM Premium
I have to say as a newbie, reading that you are now a 4 figure earner really does stir up good vibes!

Do you feel refreshed?

I love it that you related the simple method of what you did "persistently" which eventually paid off.

Being a newbie ..this news does put things into a realistic perspective--training in the work for a similar result!

Congratulations to you & way to go!

Keep on going at it pal!

All the best!
Bobbi1 Premium
Congratulations Denis, it gives me the push I need to keep going. Well done and have a great day.