Corporate Capitalism is Dead

Last Update: April 08, 2020

Change Corporate Culture

It's pastime to change the corporate culture in our Country and the World. As the Pandemic has clearly shown, because of corporate greed and it's interest only in profit, the welfare of the World, has been allowed to suffer.

Scientific Advancements Held Back

Never have we seen so many technological advancements held back in the name of profit. The World's Economy is only interested in profit, and will hold on to obsolete technologies, to maximize said profits, no matter the cost to society. The Pandemic has thoroughly exposed.these parasites.

Profit is the Most Important Product

Slick advertising campaigns like "Made in America" or "Working together for a Green New Deal", only hides their true purpose, to maximize profit for shareholders. Profit is the most important product, of every corporation.

It's All About Profit

Enviornmental pollution, the destruction of trees and rain forests, the poisoning of towns, scarring of mountains, fouling the atmosphere, all result from the pursuit of profit. Hugh advertising campaigns touting Big Business as being community oriented, environmentally friendly and energy efficient,t are all lies to project a social sensitivity, but in reality masks the true objective of all corporate endeavors, to maximize PROFIT. Quality of service and product excellence have no importance other than increasing net profit. Employees have no value, apart from increasing net profit.

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to replace the current corporate culture with a corporate culture whose true purpose is to serve the evolution of humanity and support life on Earth. Reward should always be aligned with contribution. The desire to help others improve their lives should always trump the desire for profit.

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

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Stanleycmng Premium
You are right, Dave. In the corporate world, whatever get’s measured, gets done. It is only about 3 things, increase revenue, reduce expenses and maximize profits.

Governments should employ opposite metrics. This means to create jobs, you need tax rates that increases as unemployment increases. If companies are not creating jobs and people are unemployed, then the tax will be progressively higher. (This is just an example as I am sure everyone have their opinion)

I agree with you it is time to think out of the box and reset some of the systems for a better and more sustainable future.
RamiSociable Premium
That was the whole purpose of ESG as you know Dave its been 10 years so far in the making!!

Have a good day!

Elaine33 Premium
I agree and I wish it could happen now, but I don't have much hope. Here in the U.S. money is king and the corporate lobbyist are well paid. All have offices in Washington to stay close to the politicians. Unfortunately, money often takes precedence over serving the people who elected them.

That's not to say there aren't lobbyists who are trying to influence politicians on issues that will make the world a better place. I worry that they're outgunned, but my hope is this will change.
DBCrist Premium
pandemic perfect opportunity for the right person
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks for the info, Dave. I agree with you. It's high time we turned back to serving humankind and protecting and supporting the Earth.
DBCrist Premium
holistic capitalism
FKelso Premium
WA has the right help yourself, you first have to help someone else.
DBCrist Premium
exactly, sadly 85% of the population is in the grip of fear.