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December 29, 2020
What is Your DemonstrationThere is no such thing as a bad thing to one who is enlightened. Everything gives its demonstration to God, your life is your demonstration.What Do You BelieveA mediocre life is due to a poor or mediocre belief system, beginning and ending with your belief in a higher power, do you have a "God Conscious".It's stated in Isaiah, "for without a spiritual idea we are doomed to walk in the darkness of the shadow of death, the death of joy, hope and even self-respect", this
December 23, 2020
Trust Your Heart.If your deciding to make a life change, and whats next is unknown, should you believe that the future is waiting to rip you apart or should you trust your instincts and your heart, that's telling you that everything is going to be fine.Face Your FearLiving your life to it's fullest potential can only be achieved when you have come face to face with your fear of the unknown. To be able to conquer this fear you have to be committed to making the changes within yourself (and that'
July 19, 2020
The ConceptThe concepts of servant leadership are ancient, first enumerated by the God of Knowledge Hermes Trimegitus, or as the Egyptians knew him Thoth. I came across his concepts again in reading Burke's "Cosmic Consciousness" and again in Whitman's "Leaves". It's a powerful truth that when you assume the role of both Master and Servant, your wages will be paid as fast as the service is rendered.Hermetic PrincipalsThe seven Hermetic Principals also high lite that you can neither collect with
Have cut down my posts to the community because I felt it was like preaching to the choir. Then I realized it was just being lazy, and if it was important, and I thought it might help someone, than I have an obligation to write it down and post it. If anyone finds it beneficial I've passed it forward.It is only through the words we use that the skeleton of our truth can be seen. We might think we are saying and thinking one thing, but using the wrong word says something else. Are you confident
Change Corporate CultureIt's pastime to change the corporate culture in our Country and the World. As the Pandemic has clearly shown, because of corporate greed and it's interest only in profit, the welfare of the World, has been allowed to suffer.Scientific Advancements Held BackNever have we seen so many technological advancements held back in the name of profit. The World's Economy is only interested in profit, and will hold on to obsolete technologies, to maximize said profits, no matter t
The world is ready for your creation. The act of you creating, reaching inside yourself, to create something more, is the biological trigger, needed to make it a reality. Creating stimulates the neural receptors in the brain.Your emotions directly impact your "Level of Consciousness". The world looks different through the eyes of courage than it does through the eyes of fear.One emotion creates 1000s of thoughts, that are stored in your mind by emotion. Once, these thoughts are released they on
March 30, 2020
How Do you See The WorldIt is all about how you look at things. What you see when you look at the world is a reflection of your "Level of Consciousness". Your level depends upon the energy pattern of your emotional state. There is a big difference between the emotional states of fear and that of courage, and they affect the way we see the world.A New AppreciationIf you knew how to raise your emotional state to neutrality, willingness, and even acceptance imagine how much different your world
March 10, 2020
Are You Enlightened?Emotions and thoughts have energy. These energies directly correspond to our level of consciousness. With infinite levels of consciousness possible, lets make it simple to determine if your enlightened, by asking a simple question. Do you see the Universe as nurturing and fertile or hostile and barren?DualismIdentification with the mind creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images, words, judgments, and definitions through which one views and feels separate from.the
March 03, 2020
Thanks, SonMy son taught me an important lesson in patience. Ten or fifteen years ago, I had little understanding on how computers worked, and was always freezing mine. My son told me that while computers are fast at retrieving information they are much slower at executing commands." Hit the "enter" button once and wait", he said. Don't keep hitting the "enter" button, it's why your computer is freezing.What is Patience really?This lack of patience displays a major dis-empowering belief system
February 21, 2020
Intuitively We Know You have to live a real life to write about real life. You must have failed deeply, on some level or experience, to even consider the possibility, that the problem lies in our own thinking, few realize this and fewer still are interested in learning if it can even be changed. "You don't know what you don't know" and "a sick mind can't fix a sick mind", are sentiments that give us plenty of excuses not to look, but deep down we know.Surrender To WinOut of the recognition of w