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Margins & location of content for each category on the menu?

Margins & location of content for each category on the menu?

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Everything Wordpress

When writing content for a category in my menu, I hit "update" after writing the content but it does not appear on the website in the same location as I put it when writing the


the "edit" will disappear when you visit your site as a normal user.
Open your site in another browser, or log out from WordPress to see how the site looks for others.

As for the other problems:
Can you send me a link to your site, so I can take a closer look?
What theme are you using?


Moritz.....first of all thank you so much for your reply and help. As you can see I'm a newbie here at WA and still not familiar with all the steps and procedures. Not to mention I'm not all that swift on the computer either. Possibly a combination of things I've done, or doing causing this. First....as suggested in training I bought my own domain then moved it from the site/rubix.com. Because of this my manager shows both and suggests I do not remove the original for at least 30 days, which I didn't. 2nd issue may be that I tried to change the website name, not domain, at that time and may have messed that up as I had several written down and had done the search on many to see how many hits google showed for my prospective list. Now, being a newbie and being nervous during these step I'm not sure I listed the correct website name as it differs from the name listed on my manager at siterubix. Still with me? Sorry for all this but I'm trying to help you understand how I got to where I am so you can help me. I'll give you some info here so you can see what you think.
domain: designingyourownfloorplans.com
website wanted: beforedesigningyourownhomefloorplans
possible screwup: designingyourownfloorplans
If it's easier my email is: daypack1@gmail.com
Can't thank you enough,

I am not sure if I follow completely.

You can edit and change almost everything regarding your website.
The only thing you can't change is the domain you bought. That will stay forever.
If you bought the wrong name, you can only buy the other one, too, or just keep it as is.

I wouldn't worry too much about the domain name. It is the content that will rank, not your domain name.
Especially in the beginning, I would keep it like it is.

You can change the order of your menu buttons under "appearance" -> "menu"

If that didn't answer your questions, please let me know.


Moritz....I finally just got clarification from Kyle as to why I was having the alignment, or margin problems with my content. I didn't realize the each theme may show content in a certain place on the page which you cannot change. If you don't like the location of the content you have to change themes. This still strikes me as odd, but I guess that's the way it is. I look at themes as the background for my header and menu. I prefer to select a menu item then have the content margined to the left. Looks more natural to me. I appreciate your help on this so thanks again.

Thanks for letting me know.

Yes, themes are usually static and can't be changed easily.
When you know how to code, you can change things by using FTP access, but that can mess up themes completely.


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How do I set or the margins on the content pages?

How do I set or the margins on the content pages?

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Authoring & Writing Content

When we first listed 3 categories we had no content. They appeared on the menu below the header as organized no problem. When clicking on any of these while viewing the websi

3rd request.....surely someone out there knows how to to do this.
My content is not appearing on my site as it does when I create it and update in pages. I create it on the left side of the page, align my support info where I want it, create lists where I want them then hit update. Go to my website, and click on "about me" or whatever title I want from my menu and it appears different that what I just finished creating in pages. I don't know how else to describe this problem and I'm stuck for days. Kyle sent me a link for a 3 video series on customizing etc. but it didn't address this problem. I know this seems basic and I'm sure it is, but I have tried everything in pages and it is not working. Please, if you understand the problem and can help it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

2nd posting.....Still seeking help on the same question. Trying to use margins etc. for content isn't working. Me of course, but I need help here as it's keeping me from presenting my website for review. I have everything on the left margin and no title before I start with the content, the hit Update. Then go to my website, click on any title on my menu and get the same results. It will show the title from the menu with the word edit below the title on the left side of the page....then way over to the right will be the content as I wrote and published it. Need to get rid of that title and the word exit below it over on the left and move my content as written over to the left side. Please help as I'm unable to move forward until I figure this out.
Thank you in advance,

Thanks SG but it's not the theme. It's the content as it appears under menu titles. When you write content on your pages there's ways to position it on the page. This is what I can't align the way I want, but thanks for the help.

You might want to take a look at the themes and choose one that is more to your liking. I think this would be the easiest way to deal with your problem.

Let me know!!

Hope this helps.


SG Martin.....I just received a reply from Kyle that now puts your reply in perspective. What I didn't get and didn't know until just now from your reply is the theme dictates where and how the content will appear. I was under the assumption you could pick a them that you liked for background purposes then place your header, menu and then content where and how you wanted it.
Now your suggestion makes sense to me about picking a different them. I'm a little slow here...duh! Thanks again as you had the right suggestion I just didn't know how that worked.

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