My sites a mess!

Last Update: April 29, 2019

My sites a mess, I am just writing and writing and I uploaded some info to my site and it went live about 1 week ago and Google indexed it already! So it isn't alway 6 months. It only has 2 posts!

I am very happy and I really don't want to share it with anyone yet because it still needs so much work in my opinion. A shoutout to Mike Lambert ( Premium WA member) who gave me some awesome guidance and who gave me the GREEN-LIGHT and a change to the name of my site. I took action on his tips and BAM! indexed in about a week!

A big shout out to all my followers and I must be doing something right, All I am doing is following the videos and taking action on them and I have learned so much already.

Well, I want to keep this short so as to put in 1 more hour at WA and get ready for tomorrow!


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RAFStuart Premium
Keep it going.

Encourager1 Premium Plus
Congratulations keep working at it!
Vickic3 Premium
Glad you are working hard and progressing towards your Goals - Keep believing and working hard and the success will follow
j52powell Premium
Congratulations on your start. Keep on pushing ahead.
JToo Premium
Well done on getting indexed.... Keep up the momentum :)
DayOneIsNow Premium
That's the plan! Thanks!