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Last Update: Aug 11, 2019

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Hi one and all,

Having been on a full time job since graduating from university a decade ago, it seems my life is not getting me anywhere.

I have goals and aspirations in life to achieve but then it seems my life is being controlled. Having to wake up every day, Monday to Friday at 5 a.m just to get myself prepared for the day ahead, which begins at 7:45 a.m and ends at 4:06 p.m. Then come home at around 5 p.m or some times at 5:30 p.m or 6 o'clock. Quite a tiring life.

Committing all my time and effort, with a limited time for the family and those who love me and care for me. I only have the weekends to spend with my family and do my own private stuff, which is not quite enough.

Most times I sit back and reflect on this and wonder when this will all end. Anyway maybe this is the kind of life we are all meant to live.

And having been introduced to WA, I can see where my life is heading now. I am more then confident that six or 12 months down the road, I am heading for success.

I can smell success but I will have to be committed and more focused to actually see it and experience it. WA has done its part by introducing me to this venture through the training programs.

Its me now to make it a reality and be successful.

Thank you WA.

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Here you are Jasper. You have said it well. Grab every opportunity you learn here at WA. You will never regret joining this amazing online community. All the best in your training.


You are doing the right thing Jasper.


Keep pushing through and even though it may be hard and seem impossible, eventually something will happen and you will be glad you persisted; here's to great things happening for you and family :-)

Thank you.

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