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Last Update: February 20, 2017

I've spent about a week now learning all about how Facebook Ads work. It's like learning a new language! They don't make it easy that's for sure but if you get it right it can be very effective. I shall be trying it out over the next few weeks and if it works I shall be explaing the basics on my website. That's if I get it it right lol!

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halinphilly Premium
Ny takeaway, based on what I've tried based and what I have learned fromreading...
Success can be achieved but you do have to invest some money on a consistent schedule and you must know your audience. Don't go in underfunded, but do go in - armed with knowledge
DawnOConnor Premium
yep, still working on a few bits before i take the plunge. I've done quite a few in the past but without the knowledge so they failed of course. I can't afford to waste any money these days so it has to have a good chance of success before i start running them
joshua1999 Premium
Good luck with that dawn! I might give ads ago, but only once I've earned enough income to start investing with.