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February 20, 2017
I've spent about a week now learning all about how Facebook Ads work. It's like learning a new language! They don't make it easy that's for sure but if you get it right it can be very effective. I shall be trying it out over the next few weeks and if it works I shall be explaing the basics on my website. That's if I get it it right lol!
February 17, 2017
I came across this and thought it might be really useful to some of the folk here.
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February 15, 2017
So busy exploring all sorts of avenues. I'm trying to find the perfect niche and the perfect business model. Sometimes I think I'm just wasting time and money exploring all these ideas but it's all a learning curve and hopefully one day soon I will come up with the perfect solution for me lol. I am getting there as knowledge is a great thing and I am always working towards the one goal so putting it all together should in time give me the results.
February 05, 2017
well I'm still making profits everyday! Not as much as I was in the beginning as I had to use the profits to pay the rent on my photography studio so I don't have as much money to play with but it is certainly an easy way to make tax free money. I'm not too sure about the casino offers they seem to be a waste of a lot of time for me but others have have a great deal of success with them and have made very big profits but I haven't. Maybe because i'm not really interested in doing that sort of
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January 22, 2017
Well I've been trying out my new affiliate program for my niche site and am amazed at the amount of profit I've made in such a short time. £424.65 and I also have balances available in my "Exchange Sites". I have been learning a lot and haven't had much time for the actual building of my site but I'm still getting visitors that are clicking through to take a look and plenty of interest on Facebook. No actual sign ups as yet but I'm sure they will happen in time. This is not the easiest m
January 02, 2017
I stumbled across a new affiliate program while I was looking for something else. Not only will it earn me money everyday but Im pretty sure its going to be a winning niche and Ill be getting tons of sign ups. Just started building yet another website to promote it but already its getting hits and click throughs!
Hiya Folks, Ive written a new post on my Rich OAPs site, listed below my profile where you are all invited to write a bit about your experiences with WA, you can also add links to your own site if you wish
Ok so this is probably not news to all the experienced and "Old Timers" on Wealthy Affiliate but I'm guessing not a lot of us Newbies know about this. I only discovered it last night by chance. I was looking under Link and Tracking, up there under the little aeroplane. The 4th link down, that Site Rubix one. Click on it now! Go on I'll wait a few minutes while you do so. .........................................................................................................................
Hi folks, I've been advised to try and get a testimonial from someone at WA who has retired and uses WA to successfully top up their pension. This would be added to my Rich OAPs site for all those good folk out there to read. It doesn't have to be a really long post, in fact probably a few shorter ones would be good. I'm steadily building up content for my site and pleased with the way its going. I'm getting some visitors but no sign ups yet but i know that will happen in time. If any of you
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