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Last Update: May 28, 2018

Two of the hardest things to deal with for most of us are these words.

Making an online venture and being successful can be difficult at best. Most companies want a ton of money up front. I did not have that kind of money just laying around or a money tree out back to go pluck money from. Luckily for me I found out later these companies are placed on the internet just to get your money and vanish. Beware of these scammers and don't get involved in the grab and run techniques they employ to get your hard earned cash.

There are companies out there who are great to go with but the problem is which ones are real and which ones are bad? It takes a lot of time and investigation to sort them out. I literally stumbled on to a great one to go with and I almost deleted it because I had been sucked in a few times by bad moves.

I went back to the site after a few weeks and gave it hard look. It was the one for me, a person with little money and a tight budget. I had a strong desire to have a chance to earn extra money and that was all I needed to get started. Things were falling into place a little at a time and I was able to make a dream come true.

Now the unveiling of the company, "Wealthy Affiliate" I think this is the best place for someone to start an online venture. The training is top tier and their track record has not been equaled by other companies. The community at Wealthy Affiliate has the ability to help you with any problems that might arise 24/7.

So if you have a budget that is large or small Wealthy Affiliate can help you succeed! You can work on training at your own speed, fast or slow and anytime that suites you. Think of it as attending Collage or University, full time or part time. In time you will graduate and have the knowledge to be successful at an online venture.

When comparing costs that other companies offer you won't find a better "Bang For Your Buck" than at Wealthy Affiliate. The cost of Wealthy Affiliate is so reasonable that even if you have a small budget it will work for you!

So look around and you will find what I found, Wealthy Affiliate is the place you want to be. I am sure you will be as happy as I am to be a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Lez01 Premium
I couldn't agree more Dave, if there is another online business opportunity that fits my "integrity template" the way W A does, I've yet to discover it.
ChristinaAsh Premium
Well this is true but I’ve never been scammed, just danced with a few a few to many times . I remember researching WA back in the day and finding nothing but good reviews ( obviously paid/ affiliate ) so I dug deeper and harder and I found the negative complaints . Much like researching a purchase from amazon though I dug into if those complaints was legit and decided to at the end mostly likely people just didn’t do their research or read the contracts they was signing ..... so I gave it a trial run and couldn’t be mine the pleased .
VSoles1 Premium
Haven't been here long, but I couldn't agree more with your view..
DrSpy Premium
If you dont, watch your money honey....smebody else wil!!!
DrSpy Premium
I agree , good work. In my view, i invest only $50.00/month for networking and advice in building my own source of wealth along with all the yraining one could wish for as an entrepreneur...along w the socialization aspect....what more could one ask for?!!!
OnlineBzDog Premium
Igor13 Premium
I completely agree!
Best regards!
RDulloo Premium
Unfortunately, even I have the victim of scams online. I always had an entrepreneur mindset so from the time that I was 18, I tried Primerica (an MLM), Avon (another MLM) and tried a ton of different programs online that promised riches. And I almost always lost money and got nothing in return. There was always more money to be spent in upsells, money that I didn't have.

So I did start researching and I finally came across WA. When I did, it was like a dream come true because even in my wildest dreams I could never have known that such a legitimate platform existed. I am so grateful for this platform!