#040 - Facebook 'Events'

Last Update: March 08, 2014

Greetings Guys & Ladies,

Another way you can publicize your website, if you have several friends on your Facebook friendslist, is to create an 'event' . An example can be seen by clicking the link below, if you are currently signed into Facebook in another window.

Are You Interested in a Career in Internet Marketing?

In the description for the event you can put links to your website(s), YouTube channel, Facebook Page or group, in fact anything, providing it is relevant to the subject matter of the event.

Although it can be very time consuming to add friends to your event, there is usually a secret bit of Javascript that you can use which virtually does it all for you. I use Firefox, and I have made a record of the Javascript in a Notepad document. I have other profiles on Facebook which I use for my animal welfare groups, and I was able to invite over 6000 people to my event in less than an hour.

The other good thing is that by making the event public it can be seen by more people, and friends can invite their friends, and so on. My network of friends are mainly not interested in internet marketing but by becoming involved in Facebook groups that are focused on internet marketing (if you are an affiliate marketer) and building up your friendslist, like an email list, you can be building up a list of potential leads/customers.

If you have a different niche there are undoubtedly many groups on Facebook where you can build up a list of potential customers. I have two niches that I want to market later this year and I will be using Facebook Pages and groups to find possible customers for my products, or more specifically my affiliate products. - Dave.

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Jen090 Premium
HI Dave, this is indeed one great advise. I will definitely try this soon. Thanks for sharing.
terryellen Premium
Thanks for sharing this great info. I will bookmark and use when things are ready for it :)
nomda ploom Premium
good to understand the potential, I am some way away from doing it, but I have referenced this, Andy
Karyskis Premium
This is great information. Thank you for sharing this, Dave.
mamazepp Premium
Wow, great stuff! I only hope my networks will someday be as large as yours.... :)