#038 - Paw it Forward !

Last Update: February 25, 2014

Yes - PAW it forward !

Now, I have your attention, I just wanted to remind those regular readers to my blogs - AND ESPECIALLY NEW MEMBERS (who I give a warm welcome to this great community) - that you can rank VERY HIGHLY with a Facebook Page.

Now - I am in the UK, and my Google search is with Google UK, so the results are a little different to anyone outside the UK, but these are my current rankings in the search results (Search Engine Results Pages = SERPs) for my two main website names:

action against animal abuse - Page 1 Position 1 (Facebook Page)
action against animal abuse - Page 1 Position 4 (YouTube video)

make money honestly - Page 1 Position 2 (Facebook Page)

So, as I've said (many times, yawn!) before, but for the benefit of new/newish members - whilst you build up your website with great content, an easier and quicker way of getting ranked MAY BE to consider setting up a Facebook Page incorporating a good niche keyword in your Page title - and having links in this Page (or YouTube video description) to your website. I am not trying to say this should replace your efforts to get your actual website ranked - what I am saying is that this is a temporary alternative... because Facebook Pages and YouTube videos can be created in an hour (or even less). For YouTube videos, as some of you will know, I use Sparkol videoscribes (www.sparkol.com).

My other blogs on the subject of getting high rankings in SERPs include some other suggestions. I will always pass on useful tips as I learn about them.

I hope this helps. - Have a great week. - Dave.

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Trialynn Premium
Thanks Dave for sharing your information so that we all may benefit.
Karyskis Premium
Hi Dave, guess I had better get my FB page set up.
Bill67 Premium
Hey Dave good to see you again. Thanks for the good info.
Jen090 Premium
Thanks David, very useful info. Awesome advice. People tend to ignore FB, being more of a 'social gathering' with friends. God bless you, and congrats.
mamazepp Premium
Thanks Dave! Always enjoy your info and great stuff!