0042 - Good DotComs available!

Last Update: March 19, 2015

Hello fellow WA'ers,

There are some great DotCom domains still available!

In the past two weeks I have registered a six letter DotCom, www.?o?o?o.com, the name of which I'm keeping under wraps for a while but it represents the first two letters of each word of a three word niche I am going to be working on later this year, - and yesterday I registered www.HannahsBanners.com which at best will be an art and artwork website for my stepdaughter Hannah and if it's not eventually required I can always sell it.

Incidentally when I am developing this site (Hannah's Banners) I intend to use the Camp Maine theme in Wordpress, which has the really cool header image shown above.

All you need to do (for those new to domain purchasing) is to register at www.Namecheap.com and do a search for the DotCom (or other TLD (Top-Level Domain) of your choice. They cost around £8/$11 per year for a DotCom.

Happy domain hunting ! - Dave.

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bsmith1222 Premium
You are right and thanks for sharing
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for sharing Dave. I helped a friend acquire a seven letter dot com domain name last week. They do still exist. ~Marion
Christabelle Premium
I enjoy the reasonable pricing at Namecheap!
Lazyblogger Premium
Thanks Dave.
Strap Premium
That is a really cool domain name - well done!