How to Enjoy Life After Retirement - Have Something to Retire To

Last Update: February 19, 2016

How to Enjoy Life After Retirement – Have Something to Retire to

By darrell dickinson | February 18, 2016

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Officially retired

It’s important, we have to have something to retire to. Life does not end, or even start its downward journey when we retire. Quite the opposite, it is predicted that if we retire at 65, we still have as much a 30 years of life left in us. When we retire, we will no longer be punching the timeclock five days a week. But we still need to have a purpose in our lives during our retirement. We need to have goals to strive for in our golden years. The alternative is watching Dr. Oz, or Dr. Phil everyday on TV.

What we need to do?

We need to do two things. That is to stay fit physically. That can be accomplished by staying active, and exercising regularly. We also need to stay fit mentally. That’s the subject I’d like to discuss in this post.

While exercise can not only benefit us physically, it benefits us mentally also. Our minds are like any other muscle in our body. Our brains need exercise too. Our minds gets this exercise during our retirement years when we continue to have a purpose in our lives, after we stop punching the proverbial time clock. We need to make goals for ourselves. After we retire is a perfect time to share of our knowledge and experiences, that we have accumulated over the course of our working years.

What have we got to share?

For some of us that question is a no brainer. Those people have lead meaningful lives, and they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that younger people should be beating down all obstacles to harvest the knowledge that these experienced boomers have to share.

I refer to these boomers with loads of wisdom to share as “those people” because I am not one of them. I can describe my working day occupation as Jack of All Trades, and a Master of None. When I got into the Affiliate Marketing business, I had to find a niche that I wanted to market. Something that I was really good at. Something that I really enjoyed doing. I was stuck.

Then I read that, when we find ourselves in this situation, we have to ask ourselves a couple of questions. What have I done that may be of value to my posterity? What experiences do I have to share that will benefit other people? How can I share this information? Over the course of our lives we have had questions to ask, and had to come up with the answers to these question. In the course of this question asking and answering process we have become pretty good at certain things. These are the areas where we can share of our wisdom. Who knows, lives may be improved by what we have to share.

In the process of sharing what we have learned in the school of hard knocks, we have established a purpose in our retirement years. We can set goals regarding the amount of information we want to pass out each week, or each month. The end result will be that boredom in our retirement will not be a issue, and we won’t have time for Dr. Oz, or Dr. Phil.

I will answer the how to share this wealth of knowledge question in the next section of this blog.

How to spread the good news of our experience

Off the top of my head, I can think of three different ways to get the information we want to share out there. One way is to get involved in Consulting work. There are organizations out there who are experiencing an information gap. That is where the boomers are retiring and taking valuable information with them. Boomers are welcome to return to these organizations as a part time consultant. The work isn’t usually all that demanding, but it is still rewarding.

Encore Careers is similar to consulting, but encore careers involves working with nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are always looking for good help, and they don’t have that much money available to pay. That’s where retired boomers come in. They have the experience, time, and are looking for something to do so they don’t have to watch Dr. Phil.

Blogging was not available to our parents when they retired. I remember when the internet was first introduced. It was advertised as

Working where and when we chose

The Information Highway”. I thought, What the Heck is That? Off course now, when we have a question about anything, all we need to do is google the question, and we’ve more answers than the law should allow.

All we need to do to become a blogger is get a Domain Name, purchase hosting, and build a website. That used to be a challenge, but now anyone with minimum computer skills can get a blog up and running in less than a hour.


When I retired my computer activity was restricted to playing a thing called FarmVille on Facebook. It didn’t keep me busy, and was not rewarding at all. Since then I’ve become an affiliate marketer, and I haven’t been bored since. My computer skills have increased, and while I’m not yet an expert in my chosen niche, I am closing in on it.

I am not saying that blogging is for everyone. I am saying that all retired baby boomers should find something productive to do in their retirement. Keep your head busy, and your body active, you will find your retirement a rewarding time of your life.

That’s all I got for now. I hope the post has not been too long. In the event that you disagree, or even agree, with what I have shared in this post, I would like to hear from you. You can leave your comments below.

Thank You


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Ken-Pringle Premium
Awesome post Darrell, thank you.
I too believe that keeping active both
physical and mental activity will keep
us healthier and happier longer.

Boomer do not always realize the vast
knowledge they have acquired.
Believe me you have something to share
that others really want to learn, so share.
Be Blessed my friend.
darrellw Premium
Hi Ken, Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and for writing such a thoughtful comment. Thanks to something like WA. we boomers have the opportunity to develop talents that we may not have thought that we have.

I know that if 5 years ago, I would have never thought that would be maintaining 2 website, which I designed myself, and writing blogs to drive traffic to thus websites. And I owe that ability to WA.
Thank you for your interest.
Ken-Pringle Premium
My pleasure Darrell, I too am a BB.
WA has been a blessing to me even
though I have been in this profession
for some time now. Be awesome :-)
Papi Premium
Good to hear from you again Darrel.
I agree with you. The people, mostly men who retire and do very little physical/mental activity go downhill fast!!!
darrellw Premium
Thank you for your comment Papi. Thank goodness for WA. It keeps our minds active.
Maxiam59 Premium
I had to retire at 50 because of my heart attack and my spine disease so I am glad that I found WA and this great family all the best Max
darrellw Premium
Thank you for your comment Maxiam. i look forward to seeing more and more baby boomers joining WA.
mijareze Premium
I retired at 52 and kept myself busy physically. I learned how to cook and do so regularly. I never thought I could learn to cook. Then I found WA. WA has been good for me, mentally. It keeps me sharp. Now I have to balance housework, cooking and WA. Staying busy is very important--you are right about that!
darrellw Premium
Hi Mijareze. You've got it. You keep your mind and body busy. Look forward to long, healthy, and happy retirement.
Thank you for your comment.
tclough Premium
Thanks Darrell. I agree completely. Retirement was what brought me to WA. I was looking for new challenges.
darrellw Premium
Thank You Tom for you interest in my blog post. Our retirement should be our second beginning in life.
Thanks again for your kind comment.