9 months (sorta)

Last Update: June 08, 2014

I just realized that 3 days ago was the 9 month mark that I joined this community. The (sorta) in the title is because I had to take an unexpected and unwanted vacation for WA.

9 months seems like a long time for some, but for me it seems like yesterday when I first found my referrers website and joined.

In this nine month period, I have learned a lot about the online marketing world, WA, and most importantly MYSELF.

I didn't think I could do this, make anything worthwhile. I admit I almost walked away a few times because of self doubt, and other issues that happened.

But I learned that I CAN do this. I've learned to stay motivated, determined, not to doubt my abilities so much, and what great help and friends are here.

Thank you WA for helping me overcome my worse trait....me.

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mama2karsten Premium
Thanks for sharing… you will find a way as you are one of the most determined people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Good luck this time around.
Gordi Premium
Darlene, I always thought that you are very knowledgeable, and you've answered a bunch of my questions in the past. Thank you, my friend
burnzy Premium
Glad to hear you came back! Most of all glad to hear you believe in yourself again!!
Have a great day!
Starcreator Premium
Thanks for sharing your progress. I still run into those self doubt sometimes. We have to start with thinking we can even through some hurdles. Wish you continued success.
MisterWailor Premium
You can do it. Have confident and believe in yourself. We will cheer you on all the way. Update us your progress when you can.