Preparing For The Week Ahead

Last Update: December 13, 2015

It's almost 1 am here, EST. My kids have been in bed since 8, my husband gave up at 10. I had a craft project all over my living room floor, the kitchen was a mess of groceries to put away and dishes to be done. The entire upstairs was a mine field of toys and dice and games and laundry. Everywhere I looked was another stress hurdle threatening to ruin my Monday.

That's the reason I'm still up! I tidied up, putting things where they needed to go. Picked up the larger crumbs from the floor, brought downstairs toys back downstairs. Filled a laundry basket and took it to the laundry room. Picked up all the trash from the floor (empty wrappers and papers, mostly.)

The trash went out. Table cleared. Counters cleared. Coffee programmed for 6 am. Backpacks ready. And I just realized I still need to move the darn Elf.

I did not vacuum, or run the dishwasher or washing machine. I want my sleeping boys to stay sleeping!

So why did I stay up until 1 am cleaning? Because I did not want to start the beginning of the school / work week stressed out! Cluttered home = cluttered mind. Now I can start the week fresh, with a clear mind, ready to work on my business and play with my kiddos without the mess to nag at me.

How can you resist a face like this?

How do you prepare for your work week? I hope this one is amazing for you!

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RoopeshG Premium
Yeap...he is a cute little fellow!!
AlexEvans Premium
That is so organised, Dara. Your family are so lucky to have you on their team. Really like your sentiments. Have an awesome week
mijareze Premium
Cute baby! I'm retired, so I don't prepare the way I used to but I am always definitely busy. Take care... Great blog.
Rmaisey Premium
Your house sounds like mine. Well mine involves endless tidying and still is covered in toys. I wake up early every morning to get dressed and prepared before the kids wake up but sometimes, like today they get there first! 430am, what sort of time is that to wake up?!

Have a good and productive week. Cute little boy.
darajeanne Premium
Yes! Why on earth do they wake so early? I love sleeping in.
Have a great week!
MINDwell Premium
Lovely kid!!!
darajeanne Premium
Thank you! He's such a happy and easy going little bug
MINDwell Premium
I should be top 200 tomorrow --- yeah baby