Giving up!

Last Update: August 17, 2017

Lol bet you all thought I'm giving up! Nope never!!!

I want to focus on helping those who have given up, thinking of giving up or lost the focus of their niche.

It's very easy to loose that new excitement especially when thinks go from excitement to reality of all the hard work ahead. Don't let this stop you in you tracks.

The first months of a new website are hard but remember your reasons behind why your here.... It may be your family future, to pay off debits or just be able to leave that horrible boss you just want to scream at. I've got the t-shirt for all above at some point in life.

I have actually in fact had a shouting match with a boss who run her nursery in a manner that angered me so much I had to tell her what I thought! And in fact she did not sack me., she offered me a leading role but I left as I want not happy to work under someone who thought putting people's young children and baby's at risks was exceptable. My point is that you should not necessarily go and do the same but you have an opitunity to be your own boss.

Why you are giving up?

I can't do it!

I'm struggling with the technical side of things

It's going to take too much hard work and in the end what will I end up with?

I need money now and this is not a quick option

I've followed everything and I'm still getting nowhere! :(

These are only some of the reasons why we want to give up but I'm here to explain a few things to you! Don't give up.

Everyone who has suceeded has been in your place and probably even wanted to give up at times but what if they had? We might now have light, Internet and even worse still think the world is flat! Lol

Through the struggles we find our self's and at the end you have success! What's bad about that?! Nothing. Life is not a bed of roses unless you work hard to grow them. Your planting your seeds of your future. The information you have at your finger tips is amazing here and nothing can stop you except yourself.

Don't be the reason you don't succeed.

Back to the answers to why your giving up:

I can't do it-well at the moment that might be true but with everything we have to practise and learn. No one knows this stuff at birth and we as humans are constantly learning till our last day!

I'm struggling with the technical side - I'm a total technical fob and this could be a reason for me to give up but how can I when I've got so many WA technical friends to hand! If I struggle I always find someone who will walk me through each step. If I was on my own this definitely would be a point of giving up but I'm not so I will not.

To much work for an unknown end - yes this is the truth for all of us. But u will not know what's at the end of it till you keep going. If you give up its a certainty your not going to get your goal but if you do the hard work your world of posabilities is opened!

Need money fast- no this is not a quick fix but there is no such thing without a scam involved as hard work is key to business. You can sell things and porn stuff but that's not a good way to live as it's a life of working day by day scrapping money together which none of us want. This gives you the opportunity to get sublility for you future which will last.

I've followed training but still nothing - have your really? Go back and check. If still you can't find the answer then ask. May people can give feedback on ways to improve and help turn your not yet success to success. You have done all that work and so close so that would be madness to give up now. All you need is small adjustments.

Hope this has helped but if you still need help then private message me or free members message on my profile or this post. We can find a solution together. Your not alone :)

Keep smiling and enjoy your week!

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PLEAffiliate Premium
Lol... your headline scared me for a moment.
But your message is clear.
I find myself having to go back over the training just to make sure I'm getting things right technically and I also get frustrated trying to write posts that have a new spin on them, trying to get them to appear unique.
I feel my progress is slower than it should be but really hope to make it work.
Thanks for sharing your post.
Daniiket Premium
Does not matter how fast or slow we go we will get their in our own time. The tortoise always wins the race in the end.... Slow and steady is just fine :)
caeshleman67 Premium
Thank you so much for this. I am definitely not even considering quitting, but I am definitely frustrated. I just wish I had a clue as to what I am doing, but thanks to this community, I know it will happen in time. Again, thank you for your words.
Daniiket Premium
Yes I'm totally the same and this community makes it what it is :)
MKearns Premium
Every new day is a reason to recharge. Don't even think of giving up!
Daniiket Premium
I never will don't worry :)
Jacharakis Premium
I'm relieved you are not giving up. I was like, 'noooo! why would anyone possibly give up on this?

Great post offering encouragement to all!
Daniiket Premium
Lol that's my cheeky way to get you to look :)
Jacharakis Premium
Ahaha, sure is!
Song1 Premium
Great pick-me-up for today!