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Last Update: July 13, 2016

Well, I've been absent for quite a while, close to 2 months. To be honest, after 3 months investing a lot of time and work into my business, I got extremely discouraged with the work/success ratio I was getting. Even though I believe my idea for a website focused on photography in my home country of Brazil, I realized I did not have a readily commercially viable product. These are the conclusions that I got from it:

  • Selling photography as an art form requires a better skill set than I have got, as well as the investment in time and travel that I can not afford.
  • It is hard to provide affiliate marketing within photography, since there are already immensely established reviews websites who will no doubt dominate search engines.
  • The line of editing I was doing involved a very intensely emotional involvement with each photograph. Given I have to process the picture and somehow associate it with a
  • All of my network of friends and people I could negotiate and conduct business in person are located in Brazil, and would not buy my products considering prices in dollar. Heck, they would not buy it at all, as they would not understand what I was selling, since it was in English.

Given all of this, I decided to shift my focus entirely to a new website. Within the general umbrella of how to make money online and considering Brazil is suffering a huge financial crisis, I have turned to how to import successfully and make a profit reselling products. This is a big market in Brazil, as not a lot of people speak English, most do not know how to successfully conduct a business, and importing is surrounded by bureaucracy of all sorts. So... "Importando para Revender" was born!

Of course, I am still in the adjusting phases, and getting the page running. However, I think this has a much higher chance of success, interaction, monetization capabilities (I can advertise basically ANY type of products that spark interest in importation) and content from competitors from which I can draw from. I am really excited moving forward, and I'll make sure to share the important steps of my journey with you guys!
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Tensae27 Premium
Well done! Move on & all the best!
JudeP Premium
All the very best pushing forward :)
DanielLara Premium
Thanks, Jude!
blubutterfly Premium
Awesome to hear you haven't given up on us and moving forward with a new positive venture, can't wait to hear how well it is going for you in the future :)
DanielLara Premium
Thank you, Justine! I will be sure to share my stories here in WA :-)
JauA Premium
Thanks for this post. I think it's a terrific idea, and I'm sure you'll you will succeed. Why not keep your first site for your passion, and make money from the second site.
Regards, Jan
DanielLara Premium
Thank you for the kind words, JauA! This is what I intend to do. I will keep the first site for now, as maintaining it is pretty cheap, and focus my efforts on the new one.