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Well, I've been absent for quite a while, close to 2 months. To be honest, after 3 months investing a lot of time and work into my business, I got extremely discouraged with the work/success ratio I was getting. Even though I believe my idea for a website focused on photography in my home country of Brazil, I realized I did not have a readily commercially viable product. These are the conclusions that I got from it:Selling photography as an art form requires a better skill set than I have got,
Hi, everyone! Just wanted to announce that thanks to your help my first training has just received credits. This is great, and gives me the encouragement to produce more! Keep tuned because there is more to come :-)
April 13, 2016
Hey, everyone! Just wanted to say that I posted my very first training, exactly 1 day after my 3 months initial period was due. I had already posted it as a blog, but now I have "upgraded" it. Hopefully this will be the first of many! I would love it if you could go and learn something on it.
Hello, everyone! On April 11th I will celebrate my 3 month anniversary here on Wealthy Affiliate. Since I started my website ( on the very first day I became premium, this also coincides with the site's age. On my 1 month anniversary I set up some goals, and I would like to share with you what targets I have reached, the ones I have not, what I can do to pursue my new ones and ideas on going forward.But first, words of wisdom and encouragement from Brazi
Hi, everyone! Just want to provide some tips on things to look out for when providing comments through SiteComments.Comments are specific to the CONTENT presented on the blog post. Not to the layout, the home page, or other posts or pages within the Requester's webpage. Make sure you stay on topic!Even though you may not be an expert or even knowledgeable on the content that you are making a comment at, be engaging! Think how a person who is into that specific niche would see it, and try to mak
Hey, all! I want to illustrate the importance of Google+ especially for new websites that rank low on authority (such as Getting to know Brazil in Pictures!, my blog about photography and travel tips).For information purposes, my site is 2 months and 2 weeks old. According to the SiteManager tab I have 20% Site Trust, and according to I rank "0" on Google PageRank URL. That's basically to say that whenever I post new content, the world doesn't come falling to my f
Just want to announce that I have reached 300 followers at WA! This is great, as it allows my blog posts to reach a broader audience, and ultimately means I can help more people.Thank you very much to everybody and please stay tuned for my trainings, which will come up just as soon as I finish the initial 3 months here.For now, I have a very interesting blog post on using Buffer to make your social media sharing much easier -
Hi, everyone! I would like to share with you a solution to a problem I have had recently. Whenever I would write a blog post and have the need to share it on my different social media, I would have to manually get into each one of them and write different snippets, copy and paste the link, and eventually resort to different resources to shorten them.How can we automate the process and simplify sharing it in our different profiles?Enter Buffer - a platform for easing the burden of sharing conten
Hey, all! After some back and forth, I have just settled on a new logo for Getting to know Brazil in pictures! This was done by Chandrasingh ( at Fiverr. I think it looks great on the front page of my site, and I am looking into ways of incorporating it in pages and blog posts. You can see it in action here - How do you like it?
Hey all! Just wanted to announce I conquered 2 objectives I had been fighting for. I got 1000 visitors to my website and 200 followers on WA! Even though my traffic is still heavily influenced by people coming from here, I feel I am on my way to gaining traction on Google and other search engines. Just got to keep pushing by posting often and with interesting content.If you have some time, please quickly check out my website and feel free to comment on any post you find interesting! http://gett