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Last Update: Jun 9, 2013


Like everything else offered at Wealthy Affiliate, the Entrepreneur Certification Course is Superb!

This Blog will give a sneak peek into what's inside the WA Entrepreneur Certification Course. This is one of two massive courses going on right now in WA and I myself, am still plugging through the upper levels. The Course is the result of years of development, beginning way back in 2006, with the mini courses that were then, available.

These earlier courses were accessed though filling out an application and submitting it for review. Only a few at a time were admitted into the course. This type of admittance carried on up through the WA Clubs. There were many different courses on WA and the ones we have today are updated and culminated results of these earlier courses. The application process has long been replaced by today's open forum format. The Courses have generally been updated, completely rewritten and are state-of-the-art as we have them today.

I myself have learned more at Wealthy Affiliate from these courses than from any other resource on here. The Boot Camp Course is the one that helped me begin to earn income on WA. Albeit understanding of the Boot Camp came from the Entrepreneur Certification Course. This isn't to say the other resources are any less, just that the Courses work out best for me personally. They are what work best for me. Today's courses come with videos and screen shots. They are simple to understand and the lessons come bite-sized. One is not the prerequisite of another. The Course featured on here will help you build and niche site and the Boot Camp an authority site.

My Personal Invitation

If you are a prospective member coming in from my website, I personally welcome you to this platform and encourage you to get started on Level 1 right away.

If you are coming in here and are already a member, especially a Premium member and have not started on these yet, please do. This will enhance your WA experience! It will nonetheless, give you the knowledge you need to wing way beyond thousands of others who are in inferior programs or trying their hands at an online business without the help of a platform like WA.

If you are a Starter Member, I strongly recommend you work with Level 1 in all Courses and offerings here on WA before proceeding into higher levels and/or training modules. Failure to do so may result in information overload and confusion. This is not what we want here at WA.

Here is the subsequent curricula in the Entrepreneur Certification Course. This is just to give you an idea what's to come and hope that you will join us in these studies...

Level 2: Traffic

Without traffic to your site, it's just a pretty house sitting vacant with no visitors. It's just sitting there. You must bring traffic to your site. The great thing about this is, you can do this with little or no cost at all. How's that for an overhead? Level 2 will give you the ins and outs about traffic and how to get people visiting your site!

Lesson 1 Understanding Traffic
Lesson 2 Research Expansion Techniques
Lesson 3 Knowing what Content Search Engines Want
Lesson 4 Pages vs. Posts
Lesson 5 Building Your Site Framework
Lesson 6 Adding Social Traffic Plugins
Lesson 7 How to Benefit From Articles
Lesson 8 Popular Sites for Getting Rankings
Lesson 9 Speeding Up Your Ranking (Back-links)
Lesson 10 Scaling Your Traffic

Level 3: Monetization

Level 1 taught you how to build your site and put content on it. Level 2 gave you what you need for traffic generation. This course will help you MONETIZE your site. Great to have content and traffic but what good is it if you have nothing to offer them? This Level will teach you the ropes on how to turn your readers into buyers. It will show you what works and what does NOT work anymore.

Lesson 1 Understanding the MONEY in Online Business
Lesson 2 Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks
Lesson 3 Adding Affiliate Links to Your Pages
Lesson 4 Benefiting from Affiliate Banners
Lesson 5 Instant Access to a MILLION products
Lesson 6 Leveraging Product Reviews
Lesson 7 Getting Paid for Ads on Your Site
Lesson 8 Earning Pennies OR Dollars?
Lesson 9 A Crafty Way To Earn Ad Revenue
Lesson 10 With HELP Comes Financial SUCCESS

Level 4: Social Media, Networks & Marketing

This Level will put your marketing campaign on turbo! Web 2.0 came with social media. At first these were great places to hang out but it became very evident that sharing also helps in bringing people in the know of new products and services. Social media isn't very old but it's here to stay...

Lesson 1 What Does Social Engagement Mean to Your…
Lesson 2 Making Your Website a Place to Engage
Lesson 3 Using Facebook the Right Way
Lesson 4 Pinterest & the Visual Social Hemisphere
Lesson 5 Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign
Lesson 6 Google Plus or Minus?
Lesson 7 The Power of Google Authorship
Lesson 8 Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals
Lesson 9 Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community
Lesson 10 You Cannot Be a Master of Everything

More coming soon...

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We should be only using the videos in getting started to put on our site as the premiums as WA wants the premiums to be for members and the videos can not be seen externally

I'm going to be pulling this blog because it is no longer accurate.

Thank you very much this has answered my question

Wow, make sure you check the current edition of the Course. Note that I created this blog in 2013 and it may be very dated at this point.

This is great post to tweet and share.

This is a good and effective article. (Can you use it as a sales page for WA?) It You have made it clear that there is a benefit for succinct and meaningful title-like lessons simple stated in an outline form.

Thanks Daniel. Good idea for old and new members. I want to go through this course. There is so much added value here. If it's a review of what I already know, then that's what I want? Does it cover other kinds of marketing other than affiliate? I'll do it at night.

Yes, especially in Level 3. I came in here and realized I didn't have this finished either. I have been working on it and the Boot Camp. I went through a Boot Camp lesson. The campaign I had that I was working with this one is now gone. I will either need to begin it over again or a new one.

There is a lot of work and I need to get back to the lessons as whenever I come across something and a light bulb goes off I just have to search to get the answer it the browser wa bar.

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