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Last Update: June 12, 2013

One of the most important things I've experienced here at Wealthy Affiliate is the level of ethics found here. As I continue to do reviews on different companies that provide online marketing training in whatever sort or quality, I am ever reminded of how fortunate we here at WA are, having found this community.

I continue to link to my blog from my campaign in my effort to show my readers what's in here. This is yet another blog.

Today I have been working on Empower Network. I have done extensive research on it, taking it in from both sides. There are a number of things that really stand out about EN that is common knowledge around here and no need to reiterate it.

One thing I would like to point out is Kyle's write-up on this topic and how folks have responded to it.

I note how Kyle has responded to the many attacks he has gotten and these serve as lessons for us in how to deal with difficult people. I've learned big time from that thread over there.

What would have happened if I had never found WA? Who knows, but one thing I do know for sure...

I would have been in something inferior. I might even be still doing black hat stuff that is considered marginal had I never found WA. It is plain proof that online marketing can be done completely white-hat in every aspect. Very often I find reputable companies carrying on, teaching their students borderline things to black hat. This blog post is just another piece showing my gratitude and thanks giving for having found this outstanding membership.

Not only have I gotten so many thing sorted that I couldn't even count them now, but being here has allowed me to be on the front lines with what Google is doing, what's good and what's not so good.

Sad to find what I have been throughout my ganderings in the online marketing world and some of it is indeed "third world." I spent an hour on Kyle's thread reading, seeing how he handled each positive and negative reply to his review.

Those here who have not really given this any thought. Consider yourselves very fortunate.

It's as white hat as it's ever going to get...

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Marcus WFHW Premium
Hi Daniel,
There are many ways to make money online but I do find it funny when people give things that are out of the norm different 'hat colours'.
We can thank the Western movies from the early-to-mid 20th century for this one. I would put a black hat on anything that is known to be insidious and that I can see for myself. Pyramid schemes, to me, are not a good thing. It can be hard to define what is, and isn't one.

I'm not afraid to wear the yellow hat of caution for things that are new, unusual and out of the norm, because this is where innovation comes from. It can also be the thing that causes money to flow - from hands that have always had it to those that have not.

I've been given, not a hat of a color for many things I've tried to do, but a dunce hat, just because I don't walk the line like everybody else. Now, a dunce hat can be white but it's still shameful. Why? To others, I'm out of the norm.

It's one thing when something has been out and is known for scam. It's yet another when something comes out and because it is new AND it is different AND it looks like it's going to take down the present order of things, prejudice kicks in and things like this look like black hat material.

Of the new thing I mentioned (Ripplr, as a matter of fact), you do have a point. There's no telling yet, what it is until it manifests itself fully. I can see a lot of black hats being applied there. I also see white ones and those in between. Something is bound to come along at one point. A lot of people are not going to like it. It's going to send waves through the entire world as we know it. Everything will be turned upside down and what is of value now will be worthless then. And vice versa. But there will be nothing inherently evil about it - except that it is nothing like we've ever seen before ... or expect.

We know which hat people give things like this. It's revolution. Same old song. Same old dance. Same hats.
Marcus WFHW Premium
Your definitely not a dunce Daniel, that I can assure you of.
Especially when one writes as you do.
As for me, I have been several coloured hats, but these days I opt for either my flat cap or leather Barmah depending on the weather.
I know I'm not a dunce. That's just what other people say. I actually had to wear one in the first grade when I was in Parochial school.

I am also an individual with many coloured hats. Any hat that keeps the sun from burning the bald area on the top of my head will do.
Scott W Premium
You are correct Daniel. On the rare occasion that a member posts a "black hat" kind of technique, it is promptly removed.

Wouldn't it be funny, though, if we found out that K&C also have a secret, hush-hush service offering paid backlinks?

Travlr413 Premium
Good blog Dan. I, too, have taken a look at some of the other programs. Some are ridiculous and even are too good to be true. Then there are those that are basically based on the MLM model - upline downline concept. I've read Kyle's blogs and I admire his responses and comments. Actually printed the blogs and threads for reading. Cheers.
What surprises me is that Kyle does have good things to say about the real MLM (Avon, Mary Kay, Amway) This is another marketing model that has been thoroughly trashed by the rubbish like EN and this new thing coming out (I forget what it's called now LOL. I knew two days ago.)