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Last Update: May 31, 2013

Today I did a review on another online business community. The things I found on there were uncanny and it absolutely blew my mind the further into it I went.

The very first thing I noticed was that this site had a dashboard that reminded me very much like the mix between WA's old and new platforms. The further I looked into it, I found many of the terms used here and services. Right from the start, I got the impression that the owner of this other site is definitely very familiar (and possibly had been a member) of WA. It is very hard to tell and really doesn't matter one way or the other.

However it does seem very evident that there is a case of copy-catting going on here.

As I worked through the review, I simply came up with more and more of the same. Albeit, this outfit promotes PLR and backlinking and is, as I would describe it, where WA was four years ago. The membership is rather small, only a tiny fraction of what WA was even back then.

Wealthy Affiliate's Industry Standard

While there is nothing wrong with duplicating what works in our campaigns, one thing I can say about Wealthy Affiliate is, as I have said before, the laying everything out on the table. This is something that has always been a part of WA since its earliest days. Unlike most other communities, the owner(s) tend to keep the most important money-making tips and strategies either to themselves or presented in ambiguous ways to prevent the "saturation" of the market within this industry.

I make the move that it's this pay-it-forward philosophy that has put Wealthy Affiliate at the very top of the online marketing training industry in every way. I find that this other company recognizes this and is trying to cash in on WA's success.

There is little doubt that this company will eventually begin getting into big success simply because it's doing what WA is doing. However, Wealthy Affiliate is much older, far more advanced and simply owns this industry now.

My Experience with WA

In this regard, I've seen a lot of internet marketing companies. Many of them have folded. Some still exist but to scam their followers and customers. Many, many of them are still teaching dated concepts and strategies that no longer work or are Google-unfriendly.

When I first stumbled upon WA, I had already been involved with several IM training programs. When I saw WA, I immediately saw a big difference. I knew I found it! Ever since, I've experienced the best in every way. What has lacked in WA, I've noted that over time, these things got fixed. There is nothing out there that comes close to WA. It's in the lead and how so?

Wealthy Affiliate's owners did something no other membership if its kind ever did. Instead of guarding secrets, they laid them all out for its members. The phenomenal success we see WA and its members having is a direct result of these unselfish acts.

If I can give any bit of my two cents on how to conduct business, it's to follow very closely to the role models found here. This includes paying it forward in business.
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davepr Premium
Great blog, the magic at WA is the members. And your one of them. Thanks for the great read!
caylynn Premium
So that means the WA community is 'uncatty' and the leaders and members are deliberately helpful in every way. Ditto, couldn't agree more. Thank you for an excellent post on what our membership is all about. We are here to stay, 'paying it forward' -- together. ^_~0110/6/1
Awesome! I couldn't agree with you more! I too looked at a lot of IM training programs and even tried out a few, once I discovered WA i knew my search was over.
Shields Premium
Well done!
Patricia R Premium
Pretty much so. Thank you Daniel.