It's all about FEELINGS?

Last Update: December 12, 2014

Why is it that some people buy......and others look at that exact same thing, and choose not to buy?
Why do some people join..........and others choose not to join?

Jim Rohn used to describe this phenomenon as "a great mystery". Why do people look at the same exact thing, and have completely different reactions to it?

I've been thinking today about a quote Zig Ziglar once said, he noted, "Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings."

Let's think about that for a moment. Does selling (which is arguably the core of marketing itself) boil down to an exchange of FEELINGS?

Think about when you make a decision. While there are countless factors that come into play, most individuals will simply act on their feelings.

If they buy, it's usually because their have a good feeling about it. That good feeling is a powerful force. Good feelings inspire confidence, and if you are confident in something, you will probably buy (if it's within your means to do so).

The same is true if someone joins something, they usually have a good feeling about it, and they go ahead and take action.

The absence of good feelings, or even the presence of BAD feelings will cause someone to either hesitate or write it off completely.

At the risk of oversimplifying this "great mystery", I would say it all boils down to feelings.

So, how do we inspire good feelings in those we market and sell to? Look at your websites, do they give a positive energy, do they inspire good feelings?
If YOU were to read your articles, would you feel good about what you were seeing, enough to take action and buy, or join, or whatever? Does your content communicate YOUR feelings so well that those feelings are then adopted by your audience?

Because as cheesy as it sounds, at least in marketing and sales, it really is all about feelings.

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eaglchris Premium
I think that this is the essence in communicating to your audience, if they feel good about your content your half way there. But you can fine tune this to the demographics of your audience; a younger generation will perhaps feel differently about some content than an older generation, so researching your potential audience will probably help to create content that gives the feel good factor a bit more "oomph".
danbarth87 Premium
You are absolutely right, Chris!
kennnyb Premium
Certainly This is the true spirit of what we all are trying to accomplish and if you put feelings into your work it will work for you and the customer.
veteran Premium
Hello Dan. I don't think it sounds cheesy. I spend a lot of time thinking about the "peer pressure" syndrome. The way some people do things to please those around them, rather than what they as individuals would rather be doing. " Following the sheep " can be another apt expression. People's feelings should be respected, as should their right to choose things based on those feelings. Recommendations of say, a product, should always leave the choice factor there for those who may wish to choose something else, based on what they as individuals feel about something. I hope this makes sense !
TheOldSilly Premium
Agree with all of this. And hey - you're a Jim Rohn fan too? I must have heard him speak at least a dozen times, and listened to 100 hours of his tapes. Great mind, I was saddened when he passed away.
CathyS Premium
You hit the nail on the head! God Bless! ~Cathy