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Last Update: September 12, 2013

All of us here at Wealthy Affiliates share the desire for success. Usually that success centers around making money! However, society is abundant with examples that show us that money does not really make people happy. The rash of high profile suicides by celebrities over last months show that monetary wealth and fame do not produce security or feelings of acceptance. Life is hard to live if we do not feel secure and accepted in our own inner core. We need that foundation of acceptance and security to succeed at anything we do!

Acceptance - The need to belong!

One of the important characteristics of Wealthy Affiliates is the acceptance of everyone regardless of background, race, or religious creed etc. That acceptance contributes to our security as we plunge into the unknown areas of developing our online business. Our acceptance by others in this community of entrepreneurs helps us keep on when we feel that we are in over our heads. I know that there are some individuals that say thatl they do not need anyone else but over the years (some 45 now) that I have dealt with the public I have not found that to be true. If you are honest and willing to contribute of yourself to others, you will find that acceptance even when you are just a beginner. I have never felt more accepted than when I have been with truly successful people who knew that I was just a novice. The truly successful accept you because they remember that they were once a beginner themselves! Surround yourself with such people.

Security - At Peace with Youself!

The appearance of success does not mean that a person is secure. Neither does the possession of great wealth mean a person is at peace within themselves. I have met many who are successful in the eyes of others who are absolutely miserable. True success is not an outward appearance. It is sense of security that you have on the inside. This may be an oversimplification but there are some actions that contribute to that security:

  • The very first thing you must do is find a philosophy of life that you can live by. For me that is my personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. My faith in that relationship gives peace when all else fails. Everyone needs a foundation on which you can stand when the world around you is crumbling. The realities of life dictate that at times the unexpected upsets our best laid plans. Find a foundation to sustain you during those times. If that foundation is not there your whole world will crumble. Houses and businesses must have a foundation.
  • Next you need to trust yourself. Our world is filled with multitudes of voices. According to the likes and dislikes of each individual the advice you receive will vary. There comes a time when if you are going to have peace you have to trust your judgement and do something. After all in your internet business, if you make a mistake you can hit delete and fix it. In those areas of life where you cannot do that, proceed cautiously when making major decisions but definitely proceed.
  • Cultivate a circle of mentors and friends. One of the insecurities of many people is that they feel that they cannot trust anyone. Gather a circle of people around you in which you can safely confide. It does not have to be an army, just a few very close friends and mentors off whom you can bounce your ideas. These are trustworthy men and women that add value to your life by helping you make good decisions about you and your endeavors.
  • Be passionate about your chosen direction. We have already stated that money and fame do not bring us happiness or peace. You can build a huge business or become a great star and still feel your life has failed. Find something to do that feeds your spirit...Something that makes you happy and excited about life. Then go after it with all your strength. You may not get rich or famous but you will be fulfilled and your heart will be full. There is nothing greater than that!

I hope these words speak to someone who is searching for success! I have found them to be true and whether anyone thinks I am successful is not all that important. Famous I am not but my heart is blessed and my life is full. I wish that for all that read these thoughts

Keep Looking Up!


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affiliatesun Premium
Excellent blog. Thank you Dan for your great writing.
When it comes to money, as Napoleon Hill wrote in his book; Think and grow rich, money is on the bottom of the list of the12 things that constitute to real riches.
Dan R. Crouch Premium
Mehdi, It is a truth that those who are truly successful understand. Thanks for the comment.
MikeyB Premium
Bill, fantastic blog, need to hear that right now for many reasons, many aside from WA......Thank you, you are an inspiration to us all.
Dan R. Crouch Premium
Thanks for the comment MikeyB, You are very kind! Times of decision are never easy but with your talents and determination you will make this time a blip in history.
Bill Carver Premium
Amen!! As you have said, the things of this world---money, fame, possessions, etc.--- will never bring true happiness. Only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the solid Rock, will bring true joy and happiness.
Dan R. Crouch Premium
Thanks for the comment Bill, You are right on!