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Affiliate Marketing is not a day at the beach! It is a discipline that requires hard work and persistence. There are no easy ways to success but the rewards are great. I am keeping at it so I can support the lifestyle of our poodle Buffey! She is the star in our house. Just finished an article for my site the and needed a short break. Hope you enjoy the picture of the boss! Keep Looking Up! Dan
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Some years ago I was sitting in the office of the Pajaro Rescue Mission in Watsonville, California. During the years I was going to college, I was the director of a ministry team that went to the mission once each month to conduct an evening service. On this occasion I was talking with the Superintendent of the mission who was named Mr. Baker. In the corner of the office, I saw am old pair of very worn shoes. They had obviously seen many footsteps as they were devoid of polish, and had hol
Just wanted to drop a note to say I am very thankful for all the new friends at Wealthy Affiliate who have been a help to me. The site is growing and I now have both google adsense and amazon on the pages. I am now trying to get content on the site so that I can start to get some rankings and traffic. Still lots of work to do! Again Thanks to everyone. Any comments on how to improve the site are appreciated. Keep Looking Up, Dan
All of us here at Wealthy Affiliates share the desire for success. Usually that success centers around making money! However, society is abundant with examples that show us that money does not really make people happy. The rash of high profile suicides by celebrities over last months show that monetary wealth and fame do not produce security or feelings of acceptance. Life is hard to live if we do not feel secure and accepted in our own inner core. We need that foundation of acceptance an
It has been a good day for me. I found my account at adsense and was able to create an ad on my webpage that has already been approved. I have been alternating my studies in WA between the Affiliate Bootcamp and the certification courses. I am almost finished at the Bootcamp and am doing well on level 2 of the certification courses. They are great. I am making good progress. Keep Looking Up! Dan
September 05, 2013
Nothing like patting yourself on the back, but the quick acceptance of my first Street Article has me excited! I realize that it is a humble beginning. However, I am pleased the content was such that it was considered for publication.It means that I have a good beginning and can work improve my techique and quality of content. It is a good day for me and let me encourage all who might read this post that if I can do it you can too! It is easy to procrastinate because of our insecurities. If we
Have been working since about 8:00 am here. Writing and trying to prepare my first article for Street Articles. I wrote an article of 600 words that I believe relates well to the theme of my website. I finally published it and now will wait and see if I am accepted. It is now pending. It was a good experience although I had a complication with trying to put two links in the article. I finally opted to go ahead and publish with just one link. I think I figured out the problem with my linking
September 04, 2013
Just a short note to say that WA is such a great bank of knowledge. Since I have been able to return after long absence, I am very pleased with my progress. I have been able to study and apply the principles I have learned. It is great to see my website growing and I am just beginning to work on writing for SA. All is good at the Crouch House! Thanks WA!
My website the is still such a work in progress that I didn't know if google even new it was there. However I typed Newbie Page into the search and I was number 8 on the first page. Which isn't saying much because I just typed in newbie and search again and I am not even in the first ten pages but at least google knows I exist. I have got to work on content and still have work to do on the layout of the page itself but I am having fun with it and in time I believe it an be a v
It has been several years since I last worked on WA. However, I kept my membership active because I knew this was a good place to be.. The last years were some of the most difficult years my wife and I have ever faced. For the last 8 years we have been care givers for my wife’s mother, Lorena. Her life was ravaged by dementia and alzheimer’s. As a result Nancy and I put aside everything but the very necessary so we could give proper care to her. Lorena passed away in April of 2011 and