11 sales on amazon today!

Last Update: June 10, 2018

I’ve really enjoyed reading about fellow members successes over recent weeks.

Everyone’s use use success the matter how big or small that success may be.

All the success members have had and will have is more evidence that WA training works when followed correctly. It also in my opinion gives us self belief, especially for those starting out on their WA journey.

Today I’m pleased to share my success today and that is 11 sales through my Niche website today and 6 yesterday.

Keep doing what your doing and never doubt yourself. This is my best weekend so far for sales. My Niche website is over a year old now and I am now beginning to see the results of my work through increased sales and increased traffic.

The training here does work!

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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
This is awesome Darren, you're doing awesome!

Thanks for blogging about this because it's really good for folks just getting started to be able to see others who are succeeding. There's always the question of "Does this work?" and this kind of blog is motivating and it will truly help so many people get over the skepticism they may have, and or help them make that leap to take action on what they are learning here at WA!

dalwhu Premium
Hi Carson

Thank you for replying and I am delighted to share news to encourage others!

Neb4412 Premium
That's brilliant mate well done wish I would get some sales not got one yet lol
DaveST Premium
One word "Fantastic"
sigauke Premium
Great to hear that, congrats.
LemL Premium