Top 200 at Wealthy Affiliate (Again)

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Okay, so maybe my face doesn't look quite like these kids... but I guess I'm pretty excited to be back in the Top 200 at WA.

I got the notification a couple of days back, but I haven't yet written about it. I was 198 at the time and now I'm sitting around 204.

The point is, my rank is steadily increasing once again.

With that has come some recent successes with my website.

Brief Hiatus

To be honest, I haven't been the most conistent with my websites and WA in particular.

I have known the great value that Wealthy Affiliate can offer, however, my day job has occupied a lot of my time as I've moved cities multiple times in the past two years. Two years just so happens to be about the amount of time I've been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Since around June of 2018 I have been on a bit of a hiatus from the community and thus my sites.

One thing I do want to note is that while not active with developing content I had built such authority that my site did still drive some traffic while I was inactive. The traffic numbers were nowhere near the levels that I had when I first started writing and following the training here at WA. Yet, there was still a bit of traffic.

The Big Picture

So there's something to take away from this, and my Top 200 rank inspired this big picture take-away.

I'm not sure if I'm spending too much time within the Wealthy Affiliate community and not enough on my site.

I've returned to the Super Affiliate Training that I was accepted into last year and have essentially restarted at an accelerated pace. I am currently on Month 3 (I actually completed Month 1 and 2 when the program was first offered). My goal is to catch back up to Month 9 which will be the next in the series.

The natural discussions I've had within the community, the blog posts I've created and simple questions I've asked to the community have been the key driving force in my ranking.

It's not hard to rank Top 200 in Wealthy Affiliate it you are consistently executing on the different topics that Kyle and Carson outline.

In addiiton, if you follow the training, and you also blog about your experiences here at WA it is quite simple to bring in affiliate commissions based on outside (non-members) seeing your content in the search engines.

Overall I have learned a great deal in my two years at Wealthy Affiliate and I just wanted to share that while ranking can come naturally, you have to simply put in the time and effort into each of your websites.

Your rank at WA does translate almost directly to the amount of time you are spending on your websites. That doesn't mean you need to spend all of your time within the community, however, most that are ranked in the Top 200 are consistently building out quality content for their websites.

I know that I have been ranking Page 1 in the search engines for my target keywords once again. It's almost like I never actually quite writing.

Since I have a two year old domain, and have established enough trust with my websites in the search engines, starting back up and developing more unique content works wonders on ranking and ultimately traffic and commissions come right back.


I know this has been a very brief discussion about my ranking. I will probably continue to progress naturally. However, it is not my major focus at this time as I need to build out more posts on my site.

I do want to say a special thank you to those who interact with my content here within the community.

Thank you for contributing to the popularity of my content, offering SiteComments, answering all of my very vague and confusing questions, and thanks especially to all of you members out there that continue to make this a great community and have kept me around for these past two years.

Time has really flown by and I think that my ranking just reflects how much I care about this community and all of your success.

I'm always open to questions and general conversation about affiliate marketing, building generational wealth, or even just life topics.

Please feel free to drop a comment below this post and let's talk more about how you too can rank in the Top 200 if you aren't already.

I would also love to hear some stories of others who are ranked in the Top 200 to see if any of you share my same sentiment.

I know that I am also breaking a huge rule here and spewing a wall of text at all of you, but I just don't have the time to use the image function ;D

Thanks for reading and much success to all of you.


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Sorry for the late reply as I am catching up on a big backlog of emails since my absence, but congratulations, Dalton. All the best.


Congratulations Dalton!

Thanks, Juliet!

Working my tail off :)

Congratulations, Dalton, but you are right, you need to balance your contributions to WA with work on your website. Money talks, right?
Colette and Philip

it most definitely does folks! Thanks so much for the congrats. I feel everything in moderation is the motto!

Great, Great!
It's a reward for all your help and you commitment
among us!

I'm really happy for you!

Thanks Ingrid. Still not quite the Top 100 I used to be, but I'll get back there naturally over time I believe.

I appreciate the kind words! Keep up the good work yourself.


Congrats and welcome back to Top 200, Dalton! Keep it up your good work! 👍💪😉

Thanks, Terand. Glad to be part of such a great crew of people within this community once again! I'm sure I will be seeing much more of you folks as I move forward after my two year anniversary!

Continued success,

Yeah, same here, Dalton! 👌👍😉

Congratulations Dalton

Thank you very much Ahimbe!

Best of luck to you and your online endeavors.

Congratulations Dalton and continued success

Thank you very much! I hope to keep it up and ideally I'll be back to where I was last time I got in a consistent 3 months.

Seeing much more progress with ease this time around :)

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