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So just yesterday I was writing a blog post here at Wealthy Affiliate discussing the fact that I had breached the Top 200 again and was approaching 2 years with the community.

Well, what do you know... today is actually my 2 year anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate...officially!

This is quite a long time, I have learned a great deal of things in these last 2 years. I have had countless ups and downs, been on a very profitable path and also slacked big time.

Because of all of these different experiences I wanted to take the time to celebrate my 2 years with Wealthy Affiliate and share with you some of the major lessons I've learned here and hopefully these lessons can hep you be more successful with your online business as well.

Lessons Learned

These lessons may be things that you already know.. and perhaps the training outlines them in better detail than I ever can...

However, many of the things that Kyle and Carson have already shared with you are a few of the things that I want to share with you just to reiterate.

1. Content Is King:

If you don't create content you will not rank...period, no questions asked. On top of that if your content is not quality, you will also not rank.

If you do not rank, you will not get traffic on your website and you will not generate revenue from your online business.

Remember, establish a minimum word count, make sure your content is unique (don't copy and paste). Write naturally and write with intent.

If you write naturally you are much more likely to connect with readers. When people read your content your content is more likely to convert. Conversions lead to sales.

2. Constency Matters

If you don't write consistently you will most certainly not see trust established with the different search engines. When you don't have trust this negatively affects your ranking.

Make sure to write quality content consistently. If you do this, you will gradually increase your overall keyword count massively in even a short amount of time. Initially, it took me about 2.5 months to start gaining organic search results, however, every time I have stopped writing for a few weeks at a time, I lose ranking.

3. Stick With It

No matter what you do you will have to stick with this.

I have come and gone multiple times at WA, I have been a part of the Super Affiliate Program, I have ripped through the Certification Training and the Affiliate Bootcamp in spurts... you have to dedicate yourself to this process.

Follow the training even when it is hard to get in that extra article or those social media posts and requests for comments that day is imperative to your success.

I can personally tell you that even if you have to break away from WA briefly, if you come back your site will easily regain authority in no time flat. I can tell you this from experience.

The main lesson that I want you to learn here, since I have had the opportunity to learn the hard lessons for you already is... WA is exactly what you make of it.

You have access to a great plethora of resources.

If you don't use these resources you will likely not succeed... however, if you go through the training, implement what the training says, and continue to do this day in and day out... in 3-6 months I can personally guarnatee you begin to see success and gains in site authority and natural, organic traffic.

Have any personal experience on this subject?

Lessons learned of your own that you would like to offer to readers here?

Please share them below in the comments section! I'd love to hear what others are thinking.

If you have stumbled upon this post and are not yet a WA member, my success is your success, sign up for a free account and connect with me today. I love networking with new individuals and helping them to succeed.

Best of luck to all of you with your future endeavors.

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Happy Anniversary, Dalton.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

Thanks Dalton,
Very good advice and it's really appreciated.....I'm doing exactly what you suggested, so hopefully soon, things will break loose for me too....thanks

I'm glad it resonated! They definitely will, I am confident for you. :) Best of luck to you. You'll do great!

Thanks Dalton

Hi, Dalton. Great post! I’m about 4 months away from my 2 year anniversary here at WA myself. I want to echo what you said about being consistent with writing. I recently went through a 3 month period where my writing dropped off considerably. I was only writing a couple of posts a month. I saw the drop off in traffic. I set myself back more than I want to admit. I’m back at it now. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson. Congrats on your 2 years!

Great to hear Grant!

Glad your lessons coincide with what I've learned. I think everyone has a brief hiatus every now and again. Life just happens.

Congrats on being back at it! It's pretty tough to do and tough to come back when you see traffic slumps. Glad you aren't letting it get you down.

Keep up the good work. You'll see results in no time!

Happy anniversary congrats

Thank you! Much appreciated.

Happy 2 year WAnniversary 😊

Thank you very much! Glad to be here :)

Happy WAniversary!
You have drawn a pretty road at WA.
You learned a lot about yourself and that's
what made you evolve. Your exemple
is very inspiring.

Great job!

Thanks, Ingrid! Glad you think so and I appreciate the kind words.

Hopefully I can set an example for many WA members over the years and encourage and inspire folks to work hard!


Your experience is similar to mine.

I definitely recall when I first started seeing you everywhere! Glad to see you back. Let's make 2019 the best year for WA members yet!

Good luck to you,


Yes, 2019 could have more surprises.

Hi Dalton
Happy Two Year Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with us all!
Wishing you everything of the best with your online business.

Hi Louise, Happy to share with the community.

I don't know how wise you can really call me but I'll definitely share my experiences either way! :D

Much success to you as well.

Thank you,

Happy anniversary and thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much!

Always happy to share my experience here at WA :)

Happy Two Year Anniversary

Thanks, Sondra!

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