Help Keep Your Kids Safe And Accountable For Their Screen Time!

Last Update: February 09, 2019

Hey gang. I know this isnt about affiliate marketing but wanted to share this with anyone who doesnt know about it.

I know, I know some of you are going to say you dont allow screen time for your kids. Well some dont and some do. I dont judge either way.

I have no problem admitting the grandson that we are raising is allowed screen time. However the good news is I have full control over his screen time no matter where he is or where I am. Even if he is at home and Im at work.

Google has a great app called family link. Feel free to click the link. Its not an affiliate link.

Anyways Im sure many of you already know about this app but for those who dont its absolutely great.

I have total control over how much time he spends on screen time. I set limits, phone is shut off at night according to my settings. I can also shut it off with one click on my end.

So if that isnt great it actually has more. He can absolutely download nothing without my approval. That means if he is trying to download something I will get an email asking me to approve or not and believe me there have been many things I have said no to.

Also when he is visiting his dad (another story for a different time) I can tell if his screen is being used as a babysitter.

Please dont judge us for letting our 7 year old grandson have a phone because we actually got it for him on the reccomendation of his specialist. You see our little guy has severe ADHD as a result of so much drug use by his mother when he was in the womb.

So with the Drs help we have set up a nice little schedule where he actually gets play time and some learning time.

Either way Google Family link is great. Go ahead and try it out.

Thanks to everyone in the greatest community around.


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Donna2018 Premium
Hi Dale,
Thanks for sharing the info. Hope you had a great weekend!
NeilBrown Premium
Thanks for the share Dale, good information to know.
lesabre Premium
Thanks for the share Dale. Good to know.
DaleMaz Premium
ShihTzuSteve Premium
I don’t think the screen time is a problem, it’s what they do with that time. You seem to have handled this quite well, Dale.

Best wishes,

DaleMaz Premium
Thanks Steve
MiaL Premium
Thanks Dale, I wasn't aware of this. I'll check it out. My kids are at the age where they want to spend more and more time online. It's crazy.
DaleMaz Premium
Its free and I love it.