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Last Update: January 12, 2015

Hi there, my journey so far with WA!

I've been working on my website for couple weeks now and it's coming along nicely. Filling it up with related content has been my goal for the past week and I have lots more to do but can you let me know what you think of it!



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JewelCarol Premium
Keep up yr good work, Stuart. :)
pbar47 Premium
I think your website is shaping up nicely keep up the good work. A word of caution: I have heard it is not a good idea to display the meta log in. I have heard stories of sites that have been hacked through the log in. Just a thought'
2Achieve Premium
I believe you are well on your way. Your target of online marketing is presented, although I understand that Kyle and WA actually state that building a website in 30 seconds can be done - I have never witnessed such a task accomplished in that time frame. The video to explain it is 17:29 alone. Honest for me (my opinion only) I would simply represent something like; "Shortest route to a functioning website" or "Fastest most direct method for creating a functioning website"... the 30 seconds sounds like a serious "over simplification and hype" that might scare some away if they've had any exposure to WordPress or website construction or discussed website construction with anyone... it just can't happen as it seems in 30-seconds. That point I would review a little.
I wish you all the best in your endeavor and please know that this is only my opinion. We are all free to make our own choices for sure!!
All the best again...
jazminf Premium
Nice job Stuart, left a comment:)
kennnyb Premium
I noticed you do not have a comment area on your WA site.
PastorTae Premium
Actually, he does have a comment area, but the theme he has chosen does not show it unless you click certain areas. Many WP themes have this feature including the one that I use. It's complicated. But if you click the title of his blog, the comments appear. Good luck dabity