What do you mean, is WA a scam?

Last Update: February 08, 2019

Hi, All

Maybe it's because I'm unconsciously looking for them, but sites developed by (and about) Wealthy Affiliate members have been cropping up with my research. When looking for keywords for "affiliate marketers," I ran across an "interesting" review about WA, and when scrolling through the comments, there were A LOT of comments from WA members.

This scam review was in the top third of the first page of Google, and of course, I had to see what it had to say. Then after reading the comments from WA members, I looked further into reviews about that site. The writer made it sound like WA had a vendetta against him and were posting bad reviews just for fun.

I am sure it ranked so high on Google due to all the comments it generated, because it wasn't that great of a site, and even had this disclaimer near the end:

Well, I read the comments and I read a few reviews about his site, and I must say, I am so proud of my collegues here at WA.

The man was mad because he didn't like the truth. This program is superior to his in so many ways. By the comments of his ex-students, he bullies them and is vengeful. Who wants to hang around that?

Every reply and post I read in response to this man's review stated so beautifully why WA was better - just the facts, ma'am, and he said we have no proof of WA's success!

Not two minutes later I found another site that was at the top of Google's first page. It looked interesting, it was helpful, and there, the very last sentence "if you want 10 free courses," a very subtle link, and it took me to the WA sign-up page. I had to chuckle.

So you see, the proof is there. WA works. There are other programs out there, but so far, I haven't found one that offers everything we get here at WA for a measly little price of $29 a month (if you go yearly.) Even $49/month is a bargain.

You know you've got something good going when your enemies brutally attack you. But all this man accomplished was to set an example of a sore loser.

And what great winners WA folks are. One blog even apologized to the guy, "I don't mean to be rude, but..."

Besides the great training that is teaching me how to build a beautiful (and one-day prosperous) website, the other best part of being a WA member is the people. Everyone here is kind, professional and willing to give a hand. Kyle and Carson have a great product that is giving the world an awesome service.

Well, we all know Wealthy Affiliate isn't a scam. But bad raps bring in business. They draw attention to your site because people just have to check you out to satisfy their curiosity. And when they do, they find the claims are true: The best website builder in the business.

If you're discouraged, don't give up. Follow the courses, do the work, and have patience.

Keep up the great work, fellow WA'ers.

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Terand Premium
It is like watching a movie. Some never even enter the theatre or watch it at home but look at reviews from others.
The most important review is from who? Me, myself!
To each his/her own too :o)
Thank you for sharing, Carol! :o)
cwpickett Premium
Thanks for reading my post, Terand.
Terand Premium
ShaunnaLynne Premium
It's funny how so many people end up here, after being involved with other marketing sites, and find it so different.
This is a great post!
cwpickett Premium
Shaunna, I'm amazed at the number of people who joined WA as the last resort before they quit this internet stuff altogether. This is definitely a game-changer.

Glad you enjoyed my post. Carol
Karin13 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Carol!

Wealthy Affiliate rules!

cwpickett Premium
Xaric Premium
I have visited the SBI site and they have tons of content blaming WA for several stuff.

SBI's owner wastes time and energy towards puttting WA down instead of improving his own program. I would never join them.

cwpickett Premium
Xaric, while I was reading his post, I was wondering if he was a disgruntled ex-WA. Well, something sure tweeked his trigger because sure didn't have anything nice to say. Thanks for reading my post.

Rubberbandman Premium
You hit the nail on the head...haters even drive traffic...lol..like the article..especially the last part...don't give up, follow the courses, and have patience. That's the key.
cwpickett Premium
My advice to me. Don't give up. Be patient. Thanks for readng my post, Rubberbandman.