Losing track of the weeks!

Last Update: March 27, 2021

Good Morning.

So nice to see you are all still following me. Every day I get more and more followers. There are so many great people here.

This past couple weeks I have been working a lot at my "job" and been getting ready for an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids that the Chamber of Commerce is putting on - for those of you that don't know - I am the President of the Chamber of Commerce in my home town. Anyone that wants to join - PM me!!!! We are a friendly bunch. We let anyone join that wants to and that has the $35.00 a year entrance fee - Yep ONLY $35 for an entire year. We promote businesses that are in the chamber on our Facebook Page and on a website that I started for them. The website won't be a big deal to you all here but it sure is for someone that has never done anything but read emails and look at Facebook on the internet. :)

Anyways, didn't really start out to promote the chamber - that is how things come about and how we can get lost in what we are doing.

I have been making an "Itinerary" for myself because I tend to wander.... Don't we all - we start out to do one task and by the end of a couple hours we are totally somewhere else! Well I am going to try to put an end of that for me. We shall see how it works out. What I have been working on in my own business for the past couple of days is making some Essential Oils bottles up for resale and taking them around to my brick and mortar stores that I have purchased space in. And the other thing is - My ITENERARY.

I started the Itinerary on 3x5 cards - and I use them like "flash cards" I wrote down on each one the task - for example -

  • read emails
  • write to 5 customers
  • SBDC Skills
  • Go thru Bookmarks on my computer
  • check pintrest
  • get quarters from the washers and dryers
  • breakfast
  • supper
  • lunch
  • check Facebook
  • check bank accounts
  • write content
  • post on forum

on and on - you get the idea. This is not just an itinerary for WA and my business but for my entire life - or at least a good portion of it.

Then I am going to take all of these 3x5 flash cards and put them in order - which is why I used cards instead of just writing it all down in a notebook. I can order these any way I think it will work out for my day. Or my week - since there sure is a lot of items - I have 75 flash cards now and they are in an order I think I can live with for now.

I take each of these tasks and I will appoint a certain amount of time to spend on each one.

and set up my week.

My intent is to get myself on a schedule so that everything gets done every week - and no tasks are left to be forgotten about for months at a time - as is actually happening with me now. No more of that! I will leave time out for myself and for my family time - and what is nice about this is that it will give me a reason to get up out of bed early instead of taking my darn sweet time doing that. In my "job" I work from 1 pm till 10 pm so getting up early is not found a way into my life for a while whereas staying up until 1 or 3 am is.....

Once I get myself on a routine - I am hoping my content gets written more often and my website gets busier and my life gets more rewarding as I will be seeing accomplishments.

One of the things I need to write on these cards is come in here and write on my blog and interact with all you fine people.

If you are still reading this - Thank You for hanging in there. And feel free to follow me and I will follow you back so we can always stay in touch, learn from each other and grow.

Enough of my ramblings for now. I had no idea I was going to write about all this -this morning - but this is what feel out of my fingers onto my keyboard so there ya go ya all.....

Take Care Everyone - Hope this post sparks something in each of you to get yourselves all on track if you are indeed struggling with that - at least you know you are not alone.

Till next time


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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Wow you are one busy lady, Connie! Time flies when you're having fun!

Jelisaveta Premium
Hey, please Tell me more about flash card metod. Lovee your story. I have to try that metod. 🍀🍀🍀
cvarr Premium
Hi. What I do is write all the tasks I need to do in my life on 3x5 index cards. Then I make a goal to get thru the entire pile of tasks every week. That way I know I touched base on every task every week. Great way to stay on track. And it's great because I get constant interruptions and this way I can jump off one task. And on to whatever the emergency is now. . And when I get back to my task I can just pick up right where I belong and keep going without missing a beat
Jelisaveta Premium
Thank you. Sounds amazing.
cvarr Premium
I have decided to make two 3x5 card piles - One for tasks I need to do every day and then when that pile is done, I go onto the Every Week pile. What I also found was cool about this is as I was making the 3x5 cards one of my tasks was to go through all my "bookmarks" and I found quite a few websites I had visited that I thought were interesting and "meant to get back to soon" and never did. I'm happy I came up with this for myself. Hope it sparks some organization idea for someone else.
richardgb Premium
Hi Connie
I also don’t separate my personal and work ‘things to do’. I prioritise them all against each other. But I use free software on phone and pc that automatically update each other. So when I make a change in one place it is reflected in the other. I review most of my main list once a week to make sure priorities are up to date. There’s a bit more to it, but that’s the high level viee.
cvarr Premium
I like it !!! I cannot separate work from home any longer either. I really believe I am now living the life I've wanted for a long long time - my work and my life are one and the same and I am happy doing so. Years ago someone told me - if you find work you love you will never "work" another day of your life. I am there. There are things I enjoy more than others - and some things I need to do that I do not like at all - yet that will ALWAYS be the case as the Lord will not let us go without challenges lest we become complacent and that is not a good thing. :)
Thank You for commenting on my post. Much appreciated.
JeannineC Premium
Congrats on choosing to find a way to organize your activities and keep yourself on track. It may take a while and some refining to find what works perfectly, but you've already taken the first critical step. Keep up the great job!
cvarr Premium
Thank You, What is good about this flash card method is that I can add and take away cards - I can write notes on the cards pertaining to the tasks - like user names and passwords or what the numbers were for the day - like how much did i earn on adsense today and then when i do it tomorrow i will be able to see the change etc. Also, i constantly get interrupted and this way when the interrupt is over I can start right where I left off. I may not be able to set up a schedule but I am thinking I can at least have a goal of getting through the pile of cards every week. That is most likely more "real life" and will be the way I go.
Take Care and thank you for commenting. :)