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Yahoo! One more step in the right direction.
Good Morning Everyone. I am over covid and I even - just yesterday - got my covid shot. Didn't plan on it. I was walking into the VA with my husband and they offered it right there to us so we took them up on it. Had no idea that was going to happen that day. That is how a lot of my days go. Things develop minute by minute.I also have been trying to market Essential Oils outside of my website. In a brick and mortar store setup and just yesterday decided to not do that any longer. I thoug
April 28, 2021
That would be ME! Wonderful - Good Grief. I'm doing ok. Just waiting out a 10 day Quarentine. I'm hoping maybe by tomorrow I'll feel good enough to be on the computer all day. Gotta make the best of it.
I just finished the first 10 Lessons. Onto the next Connie
Hello All, Just wanted to tell everyone that I am going to be dropping in rank here for a while. I am going to concentrate on my site and building my site more than on ranking here. I will be back when my site starts growing and getting clicks etc to help everyone at that time. I will be here every day, just in a different way. I will be doing site comments and creating content asking questions and answering some if I can so maybe I won't fall too far behind - I know I can catch up when it i
Good Morning. So nice to see you are all still following me. Every day I get more and more followers. There are so many great people here. This past couple weeks I have been working a lot at my "job" and been getting ready for an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids that the Chamber of Commerce is putting on - for those of you that don't know - I am the President of the Chamber of Commerce in my home town. Anyone that wants to join - PM me!!!! We are a friendly bunch. We let anyone join that wan
Hello All,I have been busy with uploading all my tax documents to mt Tax Preparation Place. First I had to sit and put eveything in QuickBooks - since I had not started that yet. I purchased quickbooks, put all my info in - then had to scan all the papers because my tax preparer could use quickbooks if I followed some of their guidlines but I just didnt want to add more headaches to my list of things to do today. LOL I sent them the paperwork the way they are accustomed to. Through writin
Hello Everyone. Hope everyone is doing great here. A couple of my friends here have really done well for themselves lately. And I have done well for myself too. It is great to be here and everyone seems to be moving forward and it's like being in a stream. Everything flows only one way! Here it all moves to the good - at least that is my experience here. I have not been selfish, and I have not been trying to build my site quick. I tell everyone that I welcome here to Enjoy the Journey.
February 23, 2021
Good Morning Everyone! Just popping in quickly to say I am Still Here. I check in every day. Answer a couple questions, Look around and keep in tune. I am still working on my PDF - Everytime I think it is done I find something else I want to add that I think will make it just that much better. Kinda like my website - and all of us are doing with our sites! My rank here has suffered a bit because of being gone so much. It dropped only 2 points so far - I am confident it will go back up as
So much has been happening. I have been busy writing a PDF of Essential Oils that I want to offer when finished. It sure takes a long time to write. I will most likely post it as a blog post on my site when ready. I have been in here helping out other members and reading everyone's posts and working on site comments. I have also been on FaceBook Groups answering questions and offering affiliate links as solutions to what people are inquiring about (on Facebook) I ordered a bunch of Essentia