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Do you remember at school the three ‘R’s? Readin’, Ritin’ and aRithmetic. I got the first two mastered but missed out on arithmetic. I got caned at school for that and disappointed my family no end. Even though I excelled in my class for writing and spelling they hardly noticed. That’s parents for you.


This blog is original. However I am resurrecting an important training subject especially for new newbies, older newbies and anyone who missed out before. I suggest you bookmark this, as the info will be useful for quite a while.. When first joining WA and not knowing anything about Google’s spider bots, I pricked up my ears with interest when reading about how important it is to spell correctly in your content and ensure that your grammar was correct. Not only correct, but accurate to the extent that it is the same as entering an email address or URL into a search bar.

Every Eye and every Tee

As you know, with URL’s and email addresses, every eye (I) has to be dotted and every (Tee) T crossed, no gaps or sloppy typing otherwise your message is going to bounce back or you don’t land on your chosen website.

Now this also applies equally to your blogs and posts. It pays to check your punctuation, spelling and particularly your grammar. The slightest error can be fatal to your website’s rankings. That’s how good your content has to be, it cannot be less than perfect otherwise you lose out on rankings when all the little spider bots from ‘U-know-who’ (sic) creep into your website in the middle of the night and cannot digest your spelling and grammar.

Practice before you Publish

I see a lot of words in blogs and posts and also in websites and am amazed at how many typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes are being made every day even though this subject has been raised many times before. To my mind, WA would and should be, the #1 practice ground to get that part of your content right – long before you set your site free. This blog is to help you along with your success. Don’t spoil your chances for the sake of correcting your spelling and grammar.

Google’s Good-Health Rank. For your eventual ‘Google good-health rank’ of your website, practice making every comment you write in answer to a community question or blog post here in WA, as perfect as you can. This is your practice ground right here. Every time the spell checker shows the squiggly red line, have a look at what the error was. Was it a typo or a mis-spell? What did you mis-spell? Write it in a small notebook to remind you that it is not one of your strong words.

Perfection this time definitely Pays.

So what can be done I hear you ask? Especially for all those brave souls that do not have English as their first language! First, I take my hat off to all of you for even starting down this path. Well done.

  1. Well firstly I would have a good English dictionary alongside me whenever writing,
  2. Use of either UK or US English is quite OK.
  3. Secondly I would always use the spell and grammar checker incorporated both here at WA but also in Word programs like Microsoft Word or Apple’s Page.
  4. Another great resource I recommend is right here within WA training and is a short course on very common mistakes made in English writing. It is a great training module produced by Paul Dean a member of the WA community. It’s called Paul’s Grammar Corner and consists of 16 excellent lessons on common spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation. I urge you to go through it as it could make all the difference between having a low or a high ranking site. Some great material here. Learn about these: To or too, T



    or T

    hey’re. Fewer or Less. Which and What. Who or Whom. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/paul-s-grammar-corner

  5. Almost last but certainly not least, two more. If your content could get you into trouble because you copied some text from the web or out of a newspaper or magazine, first there is a program called PaperRater.com which is quicker but not necessarily better than any of the above, in that all you have to do is copy and paste your content into the box and it will do the following:
  6. Grammar and spelling check
  7. A report on any plagiarism. (Serious consequences)
  8. Make alternative suggestions for sentence construction.
  9. And for a small fee will give you an online proof reading service.
  10. You can also check out grammarly.com which is similar to PaperRater. There are plenty of resources at your disposal.
  11. Finally, do not for any reason Capitalize Each Word In Sentences Like This. Capitals are reserved for names of people and places and for organisations.
Slower and focused typing is worth it in the end.

We all know that doing the WA courses,in addition to our daily living tasks, takes up quite a bit of time, so try to find a bit more time to practice typing slower with focused thought to exactly how it will read. The invisible Google spider bots are not human, so they won’t forgive you.

(Disclaimer: I do not act on behalf of PaperRater. I merely subscribed to it. However I received a score of 96% from them for this Blog, thus proving that some of us don’t always attain perfection even if we seek it. (Mmmm… No I did neither on both counts.)

Here’s to you and towards seeing your very best content.



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I fully agree that grammar is very very important. I proof read every article before I post it. I'm not always right but I try to be careful.

Thanks for your kind comments Berny, Yes, I agree with you about the extent that people learn English nowadays, however I did this on behalf of all the people who get caught out by Google and never get told by them or anyone else, that their lowered rankings are due to errors in English and they are left wondering why they are not getting sufficient traffic to make their website yield dollars.
I'm certainly not doing this to moralise on people's standards of written English and I hope it does not read like that. Far from it. The person who wrote that graphic at the head of my article didn't do so in fun. He wrote it because Google does not mess around.
Cheers, Simon

Hi Simon - great post, I'm sure this will help out some people.

Correct that the comma is incorrect in the stated saying, however, you can have commas before "and" and "but" in particular when adding more than two phrases together. This is something that is not taught commonly in the English language. I recall learning this when I was 14 years old in a college in Adelaide, my teacher said 'Yes Berny, you may have a comma after and when I say it is correct". She then went on to teach me the difference - which is when adding more than two phrases together. I will never forget. Most people do not learn English to that extent Simon - more often than not it is not necessary. Cheers - Berny

To be sure Patrick, just one more thing they would give to frighten the Bejaysus out of all you lot!! :-)

Sound advice.

Interesting, in the above Graphic it shows:
"Mess up on the internet, and may God have mercy on your soul"

I may be wrong but we were always taught that you don't need a comma after 'and'.

What do you think?

You're dead right Russ, I was also taught the same thing and didn't even notice that until you pointed it out. It was the only image I could find that offered a stick and not a carrot. Thanks for spotting it.

Good, sound advice Simon. I hope we all can take your advice to heart and put serious thought into our blogs!

p.s. I like the words written on the image. Where did you get it?

It's not difficult to spell correctly, or even write in perfect grammar. I think some people don't care about how they spell words, or they don't bother going back to their sites to check their typos. Ginger.com is free btw. Thanks Simon, great post.

Jen, I got that from Grammarly's facebook page. Thanks for your comments. Can I ask you the significance of Ginger.com Did I miss something?

Just a word on your 3 Rs...in Ireland, we had a fourth R..Religion!!!. I rest my case.

Great post Simon....I have subscribed to Grammarly. I have found it disappointing...its main focus seems to be directed towards its proof reading services. I will give PaperRater a try...but I may find a similar direction there....maybe.

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