Amazon Associates Account Was Closed. Super Super Frustrated

Last Update: January 26, 2019

Last night, I received this email. I was shocked at once. What a super super frustrated moment at that time.

The time seems stop when I see the words “we have closed the account”.

It just likes the end of the world.

I know I indeed violate the rule, the obvious one is the images. I sometimes didn't use the SiteStripe as the image always is not available there so I crop the image by myself.

The other reason I do that because I see many many websites use their own product image that is exactly same as the Amazon's product image so I think it would be ok if I do the same thing.

I am 100% sure I didn't use any Amazon reviews as my content.

Besides, I don’t understand what is Amazon trademarked words? Do anyone have any idea?

I have repied the email to ask the detail. But, I believe they won't reply anything to me. I think Amazon don't to work with their associates/affiliates to resolve small issues

One more question, do anyone know do I need to create a new Amazon account to apply the Amazon Associate Program?

I want to use the same email as I use this for ten more years.

In this few days, I will take a rest and read more post about this first. Then I will reapply the program again.

Except Amazon Associates, I cannot think of any other affiliate program that I feel interesting. And I don't want to waste the content I have wriiten, it's around 65k words. I put a ton of effort.

Do anyone have same experenice? I hope you can share your valuable experience to me.


Update: January 22, 2019

Yesterday, I got an email from Amazon cs.

In this few days, I will reapply the Amazon Associates.

I do a lot of research, many people say it can use the same email to reapply the program.

I hope it will be true.

This time, I will do more carefully.


Update: January 27, 2019

Last night, I reapply the Amazon Associates Program with the same "email address".

The process is extremely smooth. I just simply input the required information and tax information.

Finally, I pass.

This is my second time to apply for the program. It seems won't reject anyone during the application process.

The most important for me is I can use the same email address and the reapply process is totally the same as the first time.

It won't have any different if you are not the first time.

From the account close to last night, it's one week already. I just leave money on the table for one week. I should do it earlier.

Why don't I do it earlier?

Since my account was closed, I feel frustrate and feel worry. If I reapply at once, will it have a problem?

So I read a lot of articles and do many preparations before reapplying the program. It takes me a week.

Now, it proves me I'm wrong. I should do it at once. It's my important experience in my affiliate life.

If you have the same situation, you can reapply the program at once and do the web site amendment later. Otherwise, you will leave money on the table like me.

Hope my experience is helpful to you.

If you have any thoughts about this, please leave them below. We can discuss together.

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ActionJacks Premium
So sorry you are going through this! Thank you for sharing to help others; I wish you the best of luck!
FKelso Premium
That is really unfortunate, and I'm sorry you are going through this.

Something you might do before you reapply is to go back to Amazon and read their policies. They are very picky about what you can put in and what you can't, so sometimes it is helpful just to try to understand all the small print.

Good luck. I hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction.
CTL Premium
Thank you so much.
YanFellow Premium
Hey CT - yeah, that really sucks! :-(

So many weird little rules.

But at least you know hat you did wrong. Or part of. Here's a list of things you might want to look at: As for images, try the the product manufacturer's site. They often have images especially for affiliates. They may also have a Press section with images there specifically for promotiuonal use.

Hope that helps.

CTL Premium
Your information is really useful. I will keep in mind instead of using Amazon's product image. I can put more image on my website too.

But, sometimes, I find some products do not have OFFICIAL site.

Thank you so much.
YanFellow Premium
Glad it helped.

Yep. If you're doing product reviews, skip products with no images :-) They don't deserve your promotion :-)

Check BEFORE writing a review. I've often been caught by this. I'm trying to cover USA, UK, CND and AU and not all Amazon products are available in all countirs and if they are, they don't always have the same name so OneLink is not very good.

Line up your ducks before shooting :-)

If there's no image, there's no image. Move on :-)

CTL Premium
I just finished reading the article you provide to me. It’s really useful and detail. After reading this, I see so many grey areas on Amazon TOS.

I see many same situations, but I cannot see Amazon take the same action.

Thank you so much.
YanFellow Premium
I think you're right. The T&C are not absolutely clear and you will see sites breaking the rules and still in operation.

You'd think a company like Amazon would make the T&C clearer and take more care of its affiliates - but it's like any big company - a few hundred affiliate/customers more or less will make no difference to it.

Best we can do, I think, is to follow the guildelines as best we can.

NuttaneeK Premium
I got the same email as you, the first one was 180 days and the second one was 30 days. The last one told me that I need to make at least 3 more sales to keep the account active.

I was livid so I contacted the Amazon right away lol. The good part is your sales that did not meet the thereshold will be paid to you (not sure if you do check or direct deposit. Oh and they threshold for the payout is $100). Another good news that I learned for the fellow WA is that you can always reapply with the same account.

Here is my thought. Why do you just want to stay with them? Remember the investment rules, put your eggs in a different basket not all in one? You should do that. I find Share a Sale is really nice and also Rakuten.

Don’t lose heart. I was the same like you believe me, all stressed out. The most important part is for you to pick yourself up and keep doing it until you excel it :)

Good luck!!


Ps. If you know better tricks let me know too! I am so so new in this affiliate marketing world.
CTL Premium
The one most important reason why people choose to join Amazon although the rulesssss are very picky and trouble because Amazon is one of the most famous brands in the world.

There is some post talk about the comparison of Amazon's affiliate link and other affiliate program links with the same product.

Amazon's links always win.

You can make a sale easily on Amazon than other affiliate programs. That's why I want to stay with them. Personally, I like Amazon.

When I am hard working on Amazon, I keep looking for other baskets. But, I still cannot find until now.

My spoken English is not good enough. It's really difficult for me to make a call to Amazon.

I hope I can really able to reapply the same account.

My affiliate age is just one month older than you, maybe just a few days so I am same as you, a new in this affiliate marketing world. There is a ton of knowledge we have to learn.

Good luck!

Thank for your encouragement.

NuttaneeK Premium
You are doing just fine, keep fighting! Also, English is not my first language, I do struggle from it also. Especially when I am writing to get the rankings!

Just stay positive and you will overcome anything :)
CTL Premium
You live in the USA. I believe your English will improve extremely fast.

All the best.
dowj01 Premium
Sorry to hear that, I think you are doing the right thing by taking a step back and gathering all the facts. Then calling Amazon to reavaluate.
CTL Premium
Thank you so much.