Two Options

Last Update: February 17, 2016

The way that I see it with this online business thing, you have two options regarding your next move, when building out your website and it's content.

1. You can continue to write and create content on an ongoing basis, even when nothings happening.

2. You can see that nothings happening as you create content, and therefore you can quit and say that this stuff doesn't work.

It's that simple. Everybody has choices, and it usually boils down to a this or that decision.

But I tell you what, chances are that if you choose option #1, you'll see some success.

Keep working as if something will happen, one day. Because it will. You'll have moments of doubt, tiredness, frustration, and anger even. I still experience all of this even now as I am competent in my actions. But it's a part of the process. Let the fire mold and shape you into that 6 or 7 figure marketer. We ALL must go through the fire.

One things for certain, though. If you choose option #2, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. You can quit, chop things up to being a loss, and say that this online marketing thing simply does not work. And then you can go about your life.

If you choose option #2, there's no wrong in that. Just know that you'll never know what COULD HAVE happened, should you have persevered.

Don't give up on what could possibly change your life for the better, no matter how hard it gets. Keep pushing. Keep the faith.

Believing in you,


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ElwinDutton Premium
I'm in for the long run.It ain't going to beat me that's for dam sure. :)
RoopeshG Premium
Well said.Its tough at times, and these times will surely test you.
As you said, if you give in, you never will know what could have happened.

Thanks for a nice blog.
Take Care
SZev Premium
Yup, I agree but what about knowing when to cut your losses with the site you're working on and moving on to a new one instead? That's the thing I often struggle with.
CTisby Premium
Well in that case, you're just moving along to the next! But you're not quitting. This is my third website and attempt, and it looks like it's working this time around. Just don't quit altogether. It's okay to know when to move on.
Harrysastar2 Premium
Two options: You either do, or you don't.
CTisby Premium
My point exactly. Just do your best to lean more towards do.
Chris2005 Premium Plus
I think if you spend enough time and energy with Option 1 you cannot fail. Sometimes it is like pushing a string uphill, it is not easy to continue not seeing any results right away. Just have to starch your string and keep moving on.
CTisby Premium
You said it. Just keep moving on and watch what happens next. Thanks for commenting.