Prayers Needed

Last Update: May 26, 2020

Hello everyone. I don't know if this is really allowed but I don't think, Kyle or Carson would mind. There is one among us who desperately needs our prayers. He is inactive right now due to his illness, but when he was active he was a great encourager to us all. He have become a dear friend to me since I joined.

We know this gentle man as Timstime20. He is suffering fron pancreatic cancer and is currently going through chemo. He has another scheduled for Thursday. Please pray for Tim as he has brought us all encouragement in our business. Pray for complete healing.

Thank you.

Take care


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ElizabethRo2 Premium
Oh Charlotte, I have been not so active on WA lately, so I miss out on the latest update.

I am really sorry to hear of Tim's downfall with the virus, my prayers goes out to him for a speedy recovery. I will keep him in my prayers until he is well again. He is been helpful to me too.

May he be covered with the Almighty Power of our Savior to be well again soon.

Stay strong and safe.

CStauber Premium
It's not the virus, but pancreatic cancer. Yes Tim is covered by the Almighty Power of our Savior.

Take care
CordeliaN Premium
We know it’s a community of like minded people and most know someone or they themselves have suffered with cancer, such a hideous and cruel disease, with the treatment being equally harsh.

I would like to think (believe they do) Kyle, Carson and all the community have sympathy, I think you have done a wonderfully compassionate thing and yes my prayers are with Tim,

ElizabethLa1 Premium
Good morning Mme Charlotte!Will do!This community is no only about the moola!We've got to uphold each other if "we" are to succeed!

The cancer he's got is a very sneaky and aggressive one!But do tell him to keep courage and not lose hope!

Hope you guy's have an excellent week with lots of good news and victories!

JeffreyBrown Premium
In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen! Charlotte, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I had been wondering where Tim went!

Many prayers are on the way! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

You take care too, my friend!