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Last Update: December 11, 2017

I have seen a lot of posts lately about SiteContent and whether or not we use it to write posts, or just write them in Wordpress. Personally, I use SiteContent for two reasons.

First is stats. I just like how SiteContent keeps track of your writing stats and helps me stay on track with the writing goals that I have created. It's just a fun challenge for myself to try and reach these goals each time. Just helps me focus on providing quality content. I cannot believe the amount of words I have wrote in a month! Apparently I am in the top 98% of WA!

More importantly, I use SiteContent as my sketchpad. When I first started to look for keyword ideas, I would save my ideas in Jaaxy or in the WA Keyword Tool. This was great but I would often overlook these ideas that I had over time because they were out of sight.

So, I started to take the ideas I wanted to write about and put them in SiteContent. I would start a new article using the Keyword template, put my title in, and then fill out my headers to provide direction in how I wanted the article to go. Then I would just save the articles and come back to them at a later time. Now I have my groundwork laid out, and ready for me to write!

Now I have a bunch of ideas to work on, and I can always change things around when a start working on them. But SiteContent is a great way to sketch out your ideas to see what articles work. There are a few ideas that have been sitting there for a while. I may use them, I may not. But it's great to have a lot of ideas ready for when I need them!

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brichnow21 Premium Plus a place??
Need to see!
Thanks, Chris!!
IvyT Premium
That's a good way to make use of it - yup the stats are helpful.
MKearns Premium
A great way to take and save notes!
DaleMaz Premium
Very good points. I to have a number of started articles that I come back to. I love this writing platform. I do believe it could use a few tweaks but my God with everything we get here believe me when I say I am not complaining. Love site content.
JeanLouis87 Premium
Great idea, Cstarz. I am going to do that too.
cstarz Premium
It really helps! Puts all of my ideas in one place and then just choose the one I want to write.