Do You Doubt The Importance Of Comments?

Last Update: February 28, 2019

After doing my keyword research for a new blog post I checked out the competition in Search Analysis in Jaaxy to see which other posts I'd need to compete with to have any chance of getting on Google's first page for my selected keyword.

The post in position #1 consists of 7,000 words...... WOW! Looks like I'll have to type my fingers off to create a longer than usual post if I want any chance of being able to compete.

Checking the other Google page 1 posts, none were this lengthy, consisting of between 1500-3000 words.

But, I was interested to see what type of information was contained in this 7,000 word long post, and curious to see how a post of that length could be written on the subject without including a whole lot of repetitive waffle.

On checking out the website, surprisingly, the actual post was not even 1,000 words long, the remaining 6,000 plus words came from a LOT of comments. And, honestly the actual post isn't even that informative. So from this research I can only conclude that Google loves long format posts, even if the majority of words come from comments.

Some of us have had our frustrations with Site Comments lately, however it IS a good opportunity to start getting comments to your posts and additional LENGTH.

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BorisRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

LLettau1 Premium Plus
Wow, 7000 words is a deep thinking post for sure. Thanks for the information.
DaliborT Premium
Wow, very nice! I didn't know words from comment also goes into words calculation.
And this only shows how important are comments and why we should aim to write high-quality comments and help each other that way also, not just: "hey, good post, I enjoy reading it".
Crazyhaggis Premium
Agree wholeheartedly
Kiranoppa Premium
Luckily we can get site comments from fellow WA members. I´ve only used the comment thread to offer and receive comments so far. Maybe the comments you get that way are better, because people don´t earn credits that way. So no one is giving comments just to earn credits, but to receive comments to their own posts.

I haven´t received any comments from other than WA member website visitors yet. Hopefully that will happen at some point.
RichBrennan Premium Plus
Never underestimate the value of comments. Interaction from readers is key to pushing posts up the search engine rankings. We should even learn to welcome and embrace negative comments on our posts. When effectively and professionally handled they can be turned to our advantage.
Rich 😃
Crazyhaggis Premium