A New Milestone - Over 50k Words

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Woot Woot!

Sorry for the above picture - it is literally the only 50k picture I could find. I have taken days or weeks off here and there while preparing for the little one's arrival in a few weeks, but I have finally hit that 50k word mark in my 4 months here.

I didn't set a word goal for this year, other than the fact that I wanted to hit a certain amount of posts each month and I believe that I have done that (to be honest, I can't remember what my goal was)!

A Continous Journey

Although this is a great achievement that I am sure many of you have hit or will hit shortly, it is just the beginning. 50k words in 4 months and 1 week sounds great, but I am looking to expand on the larger picture.

Once I hit my 100k mark on one site and generate 50k on another, I think I can breathe a bit better. Until then I will keep typing away with what time I have in my daily routines!

Where Are You On Your Journey?

What is your overall word count? Did you face any struggles getting there? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Nice work! I’m at 69,900...wish I had squeezed in 100 more words somewhere now, lol! It says I have 51 articles, but that includes the privacy policy and affiliate disclosure, so probably sitting truer at 49. But I hit writing full swing right off the bat and did an article a day for a few weeks. I have made the decision recently to back off a bit and write only 3x a week now during the holiday season. I want to take advantage of all the opportunity for a marketer during this season, but I need to step back for my sanity and focus on family during this time, too. I also want to use the time I’m saving from writing less to go back and fix up some of my first articles, make sure they’re optimized for Pinterest, and make sure my reviews are top notch. I haven’t made a sale yet, so I am going to do my due diligence to see if I’m missing something that would negatively impact my conversions.

Once the new year comes, I will adjust my goals.

I have slacked a bit on social media, as I don't have facebook. I tend to post on Google+, pinterest, and twitter to get some recognition out there and I am getting more unique visitors each day, as I am sure you are too! I wish you all the best!

I focus 98% on Pinterest because it gets me traffic much better than any of the others. Facebook is second (but I don’t have a great following...percentage wise compared to number of likes/follows I have, it does better than the other networks in getting me visits). Google+ and Twitter really get me nowhere.

Twitter seems useless to me. The only time I get traffic from there is when I say something comical that calls out an actor lol.

Great stuff. Congratulations

Thank you.

Congratulations on this impressive milestone. I'm at a little over 32K words. I set my goal at number of posts by the end of my first year, figuring +/- 1500 words per post.

That is a great goal that you will surely achieve.

Andrew, I have two periods. The period from site content on and the period before that in which I had several posts. Can you recommend a plugin or a way to tabulate my word count from everything I have ever written in Wa?

Wordpress has one:

Thank you, Craven. I've saved and will try it out

You are doing so great Andrew and Yes, setting writing goals is a great way to keep yourself accountable but with how busy your life is- this will come when things settle down more I'm sure and all the best

Things will definitely settle down soon enough. Thank you!

That is awsome, and I hop I can do the same. Just hit the 2 month mark and my word count is almost 23,000 so far.

You will do the same - you are already nearly halfway there and I am sure you will achieve that goal soon enough.

Thank you I am certainly working on it:)

Hey Craven,
I have been here a little over a year and don't quite have 50k words yet. So you are doing an awesome job.

Tried and True


Thank you. You will hit 50k words soon enough, I can feel it!

Well Done! That's is great, keep up the great work!
I have 92,278 words in 7 months. I most definitely had struggles. In the beginning I had tried to write a few articles as quick as I could and later on ended up deleting them completely. Had a couple issues with my site itself and still find it hard to manage time for it. I am still giving it my best. I have made a total of 9 sales so far, that makes it a little easier to keep moving forward.
Wish you much success!

That is an immense amount of writing! The sales you are getting are making the site worth while, as most people don't see sales in their first 8 months to a year. Here is to you being ahead of the curve!

Well done!

Just checked...I have 52,950 in 5 months, but did a couple of posts directly in WP, so those aren't counted. Yes, I faced struggles, but my problem is not with the writing, but with everything else...lol...however, am hanging in there.

I feel your pain. Congrats on achieving the 50k+ mark as well, even with all of those external struggles. I wish you continued success both on here and in your everyday life!

Very nice -- thank you.

I would like to Congratulate you on reaching more than
one goal this year - your new one which is coming -
that is a gift from above to be cherished congrats -
on reaching 50K words marvelous in 4 months :)
and just being a wonderful WA member to all of us with
the help that you give.
Thank you,

Thank you so much Susan! I hope that I can provide the help that everyone here has given me.

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