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Not going to post a lecture, but I just checked my amazon sales for one of my sites I haven't logged on to in about 5 months and was pleasantly surprised.These are mostly sales I made from a post form August. I didn't put much hope in that post, but it seemse to be bringing in the money over the last 48 hours!!!
Long time no see! I have bene MIA for the last 3 months with the birth of the little one and haven't been able to post on the site much. To my surprise, I made my biggest sales yet a few days ago!Before getting into that, I will say that the little princess is healthy and her little rolls are precious!!Share-A-Sale Shows UpPrior to a few days ago, all my sales were through links on Amazon, equating to a few dollars here and there. To my surprise, the beginning of the month brought not only my f
December 12, 2018
I haven'y been on here much in the last two weeks, but thought I would give all an update. On Saturday, my wife and I brought a little girl into this world !!After our stay in the hospital (24 hours required here), we have a healthy and perfect little angel!This is the little one the day we got home !
Woot Woot!Sorry for the above picture - it is literally the only 50k picture I could find. I have taken days or weeks off here and there while preparing for the little one's arrival in a few weeks, but I have finally hit that 50k word mark in my 4 months here. I didn't set a word goal for this year, other than the fact that I wanted to hit a certain amount of posts each month and I believe that I have done that (to be honest, I can't remember what my goal was)!A Continous JourneyAlthough this i
October 24, 2018
A Month And A Half To Go!Time is flying by and it seems like yesterday that we found out that we would be having a baby. In the last 2 months, I have primed and painted the baby's room, set up a registry, done ALL the doctor's appointments, and started picking out furniture. The doctor's visits have gone well, even with both of us working a ton we have still kepy everything as stress free as possible which is not an easy task.Furniture FunI use the trem fun in both a happy and sarcastic sense.
This Is A Curiosity Question/BlogTypically when I write a blof related to my niche, I se the mood with some high tempo music or some classics like Queen or AC/DC.I know that a lot of us have different styles, niches, and music preferences- so I was trying to get a feel for what a lot of you go for. The high temp or older rock music allows me to keep my adrenaline going and my mindset in a go go go mode.InstrumentalI have dabled into some instrumental music, but it seems to slow me down or calm
Start From ScratchA website is a blank canvas - a blank slate in which you can design, mold, and critique it to ways you never imagined before. Whether you are building something small, or creating a masterpiece that surpasses all you could possibly dream of, anything is possible.With different themes, plugins, and customization options, website development is something that all of us here have the training and knowledge to set forth. YOU Are the Architect!Much like the creators of old times, w
Success!Today marks the first time I have ever had back to back days of sales! The monetary value is low, but it is progress nonetheless.If I were to be able to get sales each day even at $1 a day, my yearly membership here would be paid off without a problem!The BreakdownFive items purchased at a 4% affiliate rate, so it is basically the lowest rate of is free money! Its is a sign that my site is getting visited and products are being purchasedWhat This MeansI have cont
October 16, 2018
It's Approaching!With Halloween nearing day by day, I want to see what everyone's take is on the best Halloween movies out there!Whether you are a fan of the classic thrillers or some of the newer animated "happy" films, what are some of the movies you recommend?Old ClassicsHalloween (any of that series), texas chainsaw massacre, and the list goes on - are there any of this era that any of you recommend?New ThrillersThere have been remakes of several old films, but are there any films out there
October 15, 2018
Week 6 Is Almost OverSo I took last week off from the fantasy football blog posts, but I figured that I would get right back at it! With one more game tonight, it looks like this week I will go 4-0! Last week I was plagued by upsets and random blurps in scoring, so I went 0-4 for the first time in years !!Overall standings In my big money leagues after this week:4-2: Greg Olson is coming back!!!!! I am set in most areas, it is just a matter of keeping a good lineup during bye weeks.3-3: Did I m