What Happens When We Allow Fear To Cause Bad Thoughts?

Last Update: March 13, 2018

Some of you know that fear is just a simple emotion brought on by your instant thoughts. But others think of it as a handicap.

What happens when you allow fear to cause bad thoughts? It overwhelms and removes your capabilities faster then you can get out a scream.

But what is fear and how does it influence your mind? Because you know that you will be afraid again, it's just a matter of time before it happens.

What can you do to prepare yourself, and what could you think about that will work to eliminate all the scary things that come up in your life? Think about it.

Moving onto something similar, what is it about horror that changes your thoughts. Can you ever see something that is too scary or too traumatic to recover from?

Before you start guessing at what everything is, you should know more about yourself. This way it becomes possible to go back and see where some of your fears came from.

Why? Because knowing the source of the fear will help you do things you would otherwise avoid doing.

To build a website or start a business it's very helpful if you are fearless. In fact it's a requirement to be able to do the stuff that others can't do.

This means you have to be able to find ways that keep you cool under any type of emotional pressure.

Bad thoughts which are caused by fears

One reason fear is a negative emotion, is due to the fact that it steals the rationality of what our minds should be telling us.

To put it another way, we are unable to think clearly as soon as fear takes over.

To show you how this happens we need an example.

Thinking back to a time where you got completely caught off guard, what happened?

Maybe something jumped out in front of you or a loud noise blasted you awake.

Most likely this triggered a response that you had no control over, and you likely entered that into your mind as proof that fear just stinks.

From now on if you sense something similar, what is your automatic reaction?

Our minds do all sorts of things without asking permission, the same thing happens when an anxiety or feeling of panic sets in.

You lose control of your body, your ability, and you can become petrified. You are probably wondering what this has to do with bad thoughts?

Bad thoughts are warnings

After being scared or having a feeling of imminent danger, you will end up with a negative thought. This automatically changes your behavior from something you can control.

To something you just do. This is what becomes a bad habit and when you are not careful you will build these bad habits up to destroy your life.

How often do you get yourself pumped up to do something? Instead of taking action right away, you stop to do something else.

Out of nowhere you had a reason not to move forward with that action and it's given you time to change your mind completely.

Why is this relevant? Because our minds trick us sometimes and show us things meant to help. Instead of helping they take us off course into something else.

Given time we will always change our minds or find ways to start doubting what we know we needed to be doing.

This happens to business owners, customers, and everyone who doesn't learn how to train their minds.

The excuses people come up with are crazy

People will create the most unrealistic reasons to get out of doing things that cause them to be afraid. The truth is that it's perfectly natural that this happens.

What isn't natural, is to believe everything your mind brings up. Your entire life depends on doing one simple activity.

That is to keep asking questions until there is nothing left to ask. Yes, this will mean you need to work to get to the best answers.

But the purpose of life is to discover things. When you accept everything you will be consumed by the lack of joy.

When you can't do something right the first time, you will make an excuse that gets stored in your brain and gets recalled the next time you go to try something similar.

This enevitably leads to feelings of failure, or to thoughts about not being good enough to do anything.

When we accept our fears, our bad thoughts gain in numbers. When those numbers grow our minds get overwhelmed by everything we don't already do well.

What is the solution to bad thoughts?

Change is the only thing that is your ally at this point. And to get yourself to admit that you need to change your actions and behaviors.

You will need to go back into your past experiences and dig around to find the causes of all your fears.

When you change the feelings and the emotions from these experiences, you open up your mind to be able to learn new things.

You will be amazed at the progress you can make just by going through your experiences and coming up with stories that are aimed at teaching lessons.

From the time you start doing this you will have to keep your thoughts and actions written down some place.

This is important so that you can track your progress. What point would there be if everything was just up in our minds?

Here is the catch, you can't just do this for a couple weeks or a couple of months. That would only lead us so far, and most likely right back to where we started. Why?

Because everything important and worth doing is meant to be for life. That means you can't just change your thinking and your behavior and pray that it sticks.

What have we learned about bad thoughts and fears?

Bad thoughts are caused by fear because our minds learn that things do not end well. Even the simplest task can lead us to be fearful of trying.

When we have that kind of feeling our minds look for ways to prevent us from being uncomfortable. This goes on for as long as you just allow it to happen.

Looking for the easy ways of doing things won't be useful, why? Because the point of doing is to learn, and without the necessary actions we don't have all the infrormation.

When our minds try to make up for lack of confidence, it shows us what it's been trained to do.

This leads our mind into telling us we are not good enough, it's a reminder that we haven't been able to accomplish this that or the other thing before.

Fears are the result of bad experiences, because it's a feeling brought on by something we have felt before.

These feelings are not meant to harm or hurt us but they are there to warn us about danger.

What happens when we allow fear to cause bad thoughts? We get stuck in a vicious cycle where nothing we do is right, nothing we think is helpful, and every action leads to failure.


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hugh9905 Premium
Thanks for the great post, Eric. Your words are inspiring and encouraging.

I've been trying to start up a business in the past few years but haven't really been able to move forward a lot. Looking back on myself and I have to admit, fear played part of the reasons why I got stuck, besides all the financial constraints and the stress of supporting a growing family. There were a few times when I got serious on some business ideas, but I eventually stopped moving forward on the ideas later when I did feasibility studies and some SWOT analysis. I got obsessed by negative thinking and let fear of failure dominate myself for a long long time.

As I moved up in the company I'm working for, things started to turn around in finance and family. But I still feel the burning desire inside of me, calling me to take action on pursuing my business adventure. But I don't want to get stuck again, I need to face the fear and move forward. I just admitted that I had the fear, accepted that fear is human nature, and accepted all my failures. I know that I am not a fearless person in terms of throwing everything into a single basket and going into a business adventure, but I can definitely play with the fear, find alternative solutions, and eventually move on towards my goals.

cramervod Premium
That is the key to doing anything. Acknowledge the fear, let it be heard, then come back with 3 ways to prove that you have already found success by not listening to what that fear was telling you.

With everything we do, it will take practice to get yourself into that habit. When it's automatic, that is when you become fearless. :-)

JerryMcCoy Premium
Great Post. We all need to overcome our fears so that we can do a better job and have a more peaceful life.
Thanks for such a great post.
cramervod Premium
Thanks Jerry

The importance of dealing with our fears before they get a chance to overwhelm us is one key difference between a person who builds on success and the ones who run from it.

JerryMcCoy Premium
so true. I never could run.