What a stupid mistake.Careful of theme updates.

Last Update: December 01, 2018

This is just a friendly reminder to be careful of updating your Wordpress Theme. I don't use plugins for a few choice items in my theme because I don't want the additional overhead. This includes header and footer related code.

I made an update to my Theme in mid November and spaced on replacing my Google Analytics code. A few days later I checked in and thought my site was offline. I freaked. I had zero traffic for 5 days.

What happened?!?!?!

When you replace your theme you overwrite your header and footer files with new copies. Woops.

Google analytics was a quick fix. Just drop some new code in.

But the real mistake was...

I use Amazon OneLink (if you don't know what it is then look into it here). In simple terms it ensures you capture sales outside of the United States without multiple sites/links.

Talk about a screw up. Right over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekends I basically missed capturing every single sale from outside the US Amazon Site because OneLink wasn't configured in my footer.


Let it be a warning...

Use plugins to help you manage your headers and footers...Or have a checklist around to ensure you don't forget such tiny, but every so important, updates.

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TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Craig

Urgh - that is a pain, isn't it!

Have you considered setting up a child theme? That way, only the "parent theme" will update, but all of your own changes (like header / footer / Analytics) won't be affected.

If you type "child theme" into the search bar at the top, there's plenty of info about it. Kaju have done a neat job of setting it out nicely in this training: (Kaju have a few trainings about child themes - check them out!) Wishing you all of the very best and thanks for bringing this to our attention again!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
craigrut Premium
I honestly hadn't even known that was a possibility. Thank you for the note. I will be looking into this today...
LindaF Premium
ouch that would hurt badly if you are used to having a passive income coming in. Sharing a mistake make you very human and humble. thanks for that
FKelso Premium
A hard way to learn a lesson, but thanks for sharing.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Craig,
Thanks for sharing. Thanks a bummer 😨!

Tried and True

Cass51 Premium
Thanks for sharing this. We all make mistakes and if we can help others learn from them too that's good.
Sorry to hear you missed out on your potential sales though:(
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks Craig. I just bought my new theme and never thought about this.
Note to self: Update Google Analytics Code.
AlexEvans Premium
Ouch, that would of hurt, thanks for sharing, the plus is that you worked it out and worked out through.

Best wishes, for the festive selling season.

Marley2016 Premium
Ouch to say the least.
Thank you for sharing such vital information.
Noted and noted.
jlclayton1 Premium
Sorry you had that happen, especially over Black Friday. I appreciate you sharing it with all of us!

Stella741 Premium
Thanks for sharing this.. Craig

I normally update my plugins!

We live to learn...
Mark Williams Premium
Thanks for the heads up!